Breaking the Myth: Natural Cosmetics Don’t Smell Good

by Harry Patel Sales Manager

Natural cosmetics, as the name suggest are made with only herbal constituents. Thus, many people believe that such natural skin care products or natural personal care products don’t have scintillating scents. There are times when people only choose a chemical-based skincare cosmetic product or personal care product based on the artificial fragrance. Just because, people are lured by the artificial scent, they select a product. Also, there is a misconception that natural products do not smell as good as the chemical products. But, this is just a myth. Natural skincare products smell far better than the chemical based products simply because their scent is natural and harmful. Let’s explore this further in this article.

Natural Skin Oil

What makes chemical based cosmetics smell good?

Chemical based cosmetics, be it moisturizers or soaps have different fragrances. All such fragrances are generated by the synthetic chemicals which are used. Plenty of such artificial fragrances are used to basically compel a user to buy such skincare cosmetic products. You might have read various terms like fresh, fruity, floral etc. on may product labels, but all of these smells are added artificially to the cosmetics.

Artificial fragrances are generally used to invoke fascinating smells which are not good for the health of an individual. Plenty of synthetic chemical ingredients are mostly labeled as ‘fragrance’, but they are actually hazardous products like methylene chloride, acetone, ethanol, benzyl alcohol etc. Many artificial fragrances can cause various health problems like skin allergies and asthma also.

How pleasantly fragrant are natural cosmetics?

Now, that we know most of the chemical-based skincare cosmetic products only smell good because of the synthetic chemicals, it’s time to reconsider our cosmetic choices. It is better to go for natural products, which don’t contain any harmful chemicals. The natural scents of the herbal cosmetics are a resultant of the beneficial natural ingredients which are used for making such natural skincare products. 

Nowadays, many natural cosmetic manufacturers have found out various herbal ingredients that can offer a stirring smell without causing any harm to the body. Natural fragrances imparted by roses, saffron, jasmine and many other gifts of nature are being used by the natural skincare cosmetic manufactures. This is done to not only make the natural cosmetics smell good but to also make them a lot more attractive, as often the public is lured by the artificial scents of the chemical based cosmetics.

What are the key fragrant ingredients used for making natural cosmetics and personal care products?

Some of the most used natural ingredients that impart alluring scents to the cosmetic or personal care products are lavender, rosemary, aloe, rosewood, spearmint, jasmine etc. Apart from these, plenty of essential natural skin oils are also used for imparting superb fragrances. A few of the best natural oils are rose oil, sandalwood, chamomile etc.

Therefore, it is the right time to break the myths surrounding natural cosmetics. One of the myths is broken in this article.

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