Hair transplant in India: Is it a valuable decision?

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Hair loss in India is one of the commonly experienced conditions by both males and females. However, hair loss is more prevalent in males. By the age of 50 years, more than 50% of male individuals experience hair fall in one or other stage of their life. The most common type of hair loss experienced by males and females, especially in India, is Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as genetic hair loss, male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. From the recent years, the prevalence of genetic hair loss has increased significantly which has resulted in the increased demand for its treatment. Although different medications and therapy are available in the market as treatment modalities for hair loss, there is one and only treatment which guarantees almost 100% success rate, i.e., hair transplant procedure in India.

About Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant procedure, a cosmetic surgery, is widely popular these days because of increased prevalence of premature baldness. Hundreds of patients all over the India undergo hair transplant on daily basis to restore their young and aesthetic looks. Often the aesthetic looks of a person are connected to their scalp hairs, thus, they are extremely important for the confidence and psychological wellbeing of a patient. In a hair transplant procedure, the surgeon transplants the hairs along with its root and adjacent tissues from one part of the body to other part. After the completion of hair transplant, the hairs at their new location start growing naturally.

Techniques of hair transplant in India

There are two commonly used techniques for hair transplant in India

·         Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

·         Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), a strip of skin along with hair grafts is taken from the back of head. Form this strip of skin, hair grafts are harvested by the technicians using microscopes. The harvested hair grafts are then implanted at the required area. The area from where the strip of skin is taken is sutured back by the surgeon. Previously, the donor area from where strip of skin was taken would potentially form a linear scar which used to visible evidently. However, with the recent introduction of Trichophytic closure, the linear scar at the donor area is modified in such a way that it does not be visible. As a microscope is used while harvesting the hair grafts from the strip of skin, the graft damage rate is very less (less than 1%).

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure, the hair grafts are harvested one by one using FUE punch mounted on a micro motor. The FUE punch measures about 0.6-1 mm in diameter. The diameter of FUE punch is chosen depending on the caliber of hair shaft, elasticity of scalp, etc. Because of small diameter of FUE punch which is being used for harvesting hair grafts, the scars formed are very small in size and aren’t visible to naked eye. However, this procedure should be performed with utmost care because chances of hair graft damage are more in this technique.  

Hair Transplant cost in India

The hair transplant cost in India is one of the most important factors for everyone before deciding to undergo the procedure. The cost is variable for every patient because each patient is different with respect to past medical history or pattern of baldness, thickness of hairs and hair density at the donor area.

Usually, the hair transplant cost in India is calculated on the basis of number of grafts required for the hair transplant. The cost is calculated on the basis of charge of one hair graft. In India, the cost of one hair graft range from INR 30-100.

Furthermore, the hair transplant cost in India also depends on the technique of choice for Hair transplant. Generally, in most of the centers for hair transplant in India, the cost of FUE hair transplant procedure is more as compared to cost of FUT hair transplant.

Hair transplant in India: Ideal location for Medical tourism

Best hair transplant center in India are available at affordable costs for patients traveling from western countries. In comparison to hair transplant cost in Australia, Canada, United states of America, the hair transplant cost in India is quite cheaper. The hair transplant centers in India provide international standard results at about 30% of the cost of hair transplant in western countries.

Because of this huge difference in cost of hair transplant in India and western countries, India is one of the most commonly chosen spot for medical tourism especially for hair transplant.


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