Habits You Should Develop to Fight Coronavirus

by Dynamix Group Writer

The recent disease which is threatening the existence of the entire human population is COVID-19. Caused by a deadly virus- coronavirus, the disease has been declared a pandemic due to its fast spread throughout the world. Pandemic is described as an outbreak of disease resulting from a new virus that infects people and persistently passes between people. The virus is new to the human population and they have little or no pre-existing immunity to fight the virus and that is why the virus is spreading throughout the world at a rapid speed.


In most individuals, the symptoms of COVID-19 are mostly flu-like or common-cold like which includes fever, fatigue, runny nose, diarrhea, body aches, sore throat, and nasal congestion. WHO (World Health Organization) says that the majority of the population who suffer from COVID-19 (about 80%) recover without requiring any special treatment. However, one of every six people who suffer from COVID-19 experience difficulty in breathing and develops severe symptoms and gets critically ill. Older populations, upper respiratory and heart disease patients are at high risk of developing severe symptoms once they get the Coronavirus and might need special medical attention to recover from the disease.


Amidst this new age of pandemic, we all are required to develop certain habits to maintain good hygiene and ward off the coronavirus. These habits are not hard to develop, all you need to do is to understand the psychology of habit formation.


  1. Replace your bad habits with good ones-

Avoid touching your face can be difficult as more often it happens without any conscious awareness. To break this habit you would have to follow a two-step process. Firstly recognize that you are touching your face then stop doing it. Developing a new habit always becomes more difficult than replacing it with a new one. You can hold a pen or just keep your hand busy in doing some chores to avoid touching your face again and again.


  1. Commit to good habits-

Most of us are taught to wash our hands at regular intervals by our parents during our childhood then why it gets difficult for us to develop hand-washing as a regular habit? One of the reasons why we don’t develop good habits is because we don’t commit to them, we neglect their importance in our daily lives, and we think these habits don’t make any big difference to our lives. We need to realize the importance of hand-washing in our lives to develop it as a regular habit and commit to the habit.


  1. Be motivated-

As the outbreak continues to extend to months now, the motivation to maintain good habits may get dull but one should stay strong. Habits like wearing masks when going out, washing hands, maintaining social distancing, practicing quarantine are very important to protect oneself and others from coronavirus. When purchasing a mask you should remind yourself to buy only the best anti-pollution mask or n95 surgical mask. Remember safety always comes first. 

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