The Effects of Inflammation on a Wound

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The very first step involved in the process of wound-healing is known as inflammation. This is followed by two other phases known as regeneration (also called proliferation) and maturation. Inflammation results in symptoms such as heating sensation, pain, swelling, redness, and fever as well. Although they imply normal healing, chronic inflammation might lead to other health complications as well.

What Exactly Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the trigger response after an injury as soon as the bleeding has stopped. The process is meant to guard the infected area against harmful viruses and bacteria with the help of white blood cells. If the inflammation process is occurring inside your body, you might feel redness and warmth which is nothing but chemicals being expelled from the WBCs into the wound site. This can also lead to fluid leakage and hence swelling. Some people also experience pain because inflammation can at times lead to nerve stimulation.

Effects on Health

Although inflammation helps protect the wound site from further infection, it can result in tissue damage if continued for long. If it’s a joint that’s affected, the increased number of inflammatory substances within the joint can result in irritation, swelling and ultimately wearing down of the cartilage. Moreover, since the immune system’s focus shifts to a particular area instead of the whole body, your body becomes more susceptible to bacteria and other harmful elements.  Hence, one must always take a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients when suffering from inflammation.

Effect on Internal Organs

Inflammation can affect internal organs as well with varying symptoms (depending upon the organ that has been affected). Here are a few instances:

·         Inflammation of the heart can result in shortness of breath or even fluid retention

·         Inflammation of tubes that are responsible for transporting air to the lungs can result in shortness of breath

·         Inflammation of kidneys can result in high blood pressure or even kidney failure in worst cases. A central venous catheter might be used in such cases to deliver medicines and fluids right into your body

Since many organs lack pain-sensitive nerves, pain is not the primary symptom.

Is It Possible to Prevent Inflammation?

Inflammation and swelling can be reduced, in fact, sped up which also reduces the amount of scarring. While ice can help reduce the swelling, zinc supplements can aid in decreasing the inflammation levels. If you know of bactigras uses, then you must be aware that even that can be used to treat wound infection quickly. Additionally, certain types of foods such as whole grains, salmon, dark leafy greens, soy, nuts and other foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are quite useful in this regard.


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