Guides to Check Volvo Engine Before Starting

by Generator D. Diesel Generator





Make it a habit of giving the engine and engine room a visual check before starting. This will help you to discover quickly if anything abnormal has happened, or is about to happen. Also check that instruments and warning displays show normal values after you have started the engine.



Never use start spray or similar agents to start an engine. This may cause an explosion in the inlet manifold. Danger of personal injury.


Before Starting




Check that the oil level is between the MIN and MAX marks.


NOTICE! The oil level can be read both when the Volvo engine is stopped (the STOP side of the dipstick) and with the engine running (the OPERATING side of the dipstick).




For filling refer to Oil level, checking and topping up.




Open the fuel valves.


Check the fuel pre-filter; refer to Draining condensate, fuel system page 54.


Check the coolant level and that the radiator is not blocked externally. Refer to Coolant Level, Checking and Topping Up page 58 and Charge Air Cooler, External Cleaning page 59






Do not open the coolant filler cap when the engine is hot, except in emergencies, this could cause serious personal injury. Steam or hot fluid could spray out.


Check that no leakage of oil, fuel or coolant is present.


Turn the main switch(es) on.


Move the engine speed control to idle, and open the disengageable clutch/gearbox if installed.




Never break the circuit with the main switch while the Volvo engine is running, as this may damage the alternator.






Starting the Engine




The pre-heating time is adjusted to suit the engine temperature, and can last for up to 50 seconds both before and after starting. The starter motor connection time is maximized to 20 seconds. After that, the starter motor circuit is temporarily cut to protect the starter motor against overheating.


Starting in Extreme Cold


Certain preparations must be made to enable engine starting in extreme cold, and in some cases to make starting possible at all:


Use a winter grade fuel (of a well-known make) that is approved for the prevailing temperature. This reduces the risk of paraffin wax precipitation in the fuel system. At extremely low temperatures, we recommend the use of a fuel heater.


Use a synthetic engine oil of a viscosity recommended for the prevailing temperature to achieve satisfactory lubrication. Refer to Viscosity page 70. Synthetic lubricants are able to handle a wider temperature range than mineralbased lubricants.


Pre-heat the coolant with a separately-installed electric engine heater. In extreme cases, a dieselfired engine heater may be necessary. Ask your Volvo Penta dealer for advice.


Make sure the cooling system is filled with a glycol mixture. Refer to Maintenance page 56.


The batteries must be in good condition. Cold weather reduces battery capacity. Increased battery capacity may be necessary.






Never Use Start Spray






Never use start spray or similar agents to start an engine. This may cause an explosion in the inlet manifold. Danger of personal injury.


Starting Using Auxiliary Batteries






Explosion hazard. Batteries contain and give off an explosive gas which is highly flammable and explosive. A short circuit, open flame or spark could cause a violent explosion. Ventilate well. 1 Check that the auxiliary batteries are connected (series or parallel) so that the rated voltage corresponds to the engine system voltage.


2 First connect the red (+) jumper cable to the auxiliary battery, then to the flat battery. Then connect the black (-) jumper cable to the auxiliary battery and to a location that is somewhere away from the discharged battery, e.g. the main switch negative terminal or the negative terminal on the starter motor. 3 Start the engine.






Do not touch the connections during the start attempt: Risk of arcing. Do not bend over any of the batteries either. 4 Remove the cables in the reverse order.




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