Volvo Penta Engine Maintenance Guides

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Volvo Penta Engine Maintenance Guides



General inspection


Make it a habit to give the engine and engine compartment a visual inspection before starting the and after operation once the engine has stopped. This will help you to discover quickly if anything abnormal has happened, or is about to happen. Look especially carefully at oil, fuel and coolant leakage, loose bolts, worn or poorly tensioned drive belts, loose connections, damaged hoses and electrical cables. This inspection only takes a few minutes and can prevent serious malfunctions and expensive repairs.






Accumulations of fuel, oil and grease on the engine or in the engine room is a fire hazard and must be removed immediately they are detected.








If an oil, fuel or coolant leak is detected, the cause must be investigated and the fault rectified before the Volvo engine is started.




Remember the following when washing with a power washer: Never aim the water jet at radiators, charge air cooler, seals, rubber hoses or electrical components.




Air Filter, Check and Change




The engine is equipped with electronic air filter indication. The control unit provides an output signal which is announced as a warning on the instrument panel. The warning indicates a pressure drop in the air filter, which must then be checked and possibly changed.


Scrap the old filter. No cleaning or re-use is permissible


In continuous operation, the filter should be checked every 8 hours. For operations in extremely dirty environments such as coal mines and rock crushing mills, special air filters must be used.


Charge Air Pipe, Leakage Check


Inspect the condition of the charge air hoses, hose union    s and clamps for cracks and other damage. Change as necessary.




Clamps must be tightened using a torque wrench to 9 ±2 Nm (6.6 ±1.5 lbf.ft.).




Drive Belt and Alternator Belt,






Inspections must be carried out after operations, while the belts are hot. You should be able to depress the alternator belt and the drive belt about 3-4 mm between the pulleys.




The alternator belts and drive belts have automatic belt tensioners and do not need to be adjusted. Check the condition of the drive belts. Replace as necessary; refer to Alternator Belt, Change page 51 and Drive Belt, Change page 50.




Drive Belt, Change


1 Disconnect the main switch(es) and check that the engine is not connected to system voltage.


2 Remove the fan guard and fan ring round the cooling fan.


3 Remove the belt guard.


4 Place a 1/2" square wrench in the belt tensioner (1). Lift the wrench and remove the drive belt.


5 Thread the drive belt round the fan and remove it.


6 Check that the pulleys are clean and undamaged.


7 Thread the new drive belt over the fan.


8 Lift the 1/2" wrench and install the new drive belt.


9 Install the belt guards.


10 Install the fan guard and fan ring round the cooling fan.


11 Start the Volvo engine and perform a function check.


Alternator Belt, Change








Always replace a drive belt that seems worn or is cracked.




1 Disconnect the main switch(es) and check that the engine is not connected to system voltage.


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