Google Adwords campaign: things to consider while planning

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Planning a google adwords campaign can be highly stressful if you are a beginner. its a work that can make our adrenaline glands rush with alot of emotions,anxiety,fear,hopes.but one thing is very important and that is the will to do it by playing your cards right. if you are planning your first google adwords campaign fear will be your primary adrenaline and its very humanly. everyone is frightened using google adwords for the first time.this shouldnt make you go thinking negative and stop trying. you have to come out of your comfort zone and start thinking cunningly to save your budget and gain excessive results from the google adwords campaign.

google adwords campaign
example of a google adword campaign


Here are some points you should take into consideration while planning a google adwords campaign:

  • Define your target audience

    This is a very important aspect when you are running a google adwords campaign. If you dont define your target audience then your campaign will go astray and no you will gain no conversion.its very important to have a clear view of who are your audience . you have to define relevent audience for your product from whome you can generate your leads. If you target a wrong audience ,one thing is for sure and that is your investment  wont give you returns. e.g., if you are selling shoes and you are showing ads to people who are interested in loans and investment then definitely you are not getting any returns.

  • Find keywords with high search volume

    The second most important thing  is to search for keywords related to your campaign which are searched most by users. If your keywords do not have search volume then there is no point in running google adwords campaign on  those keywords which have high volumes and low bid rate. you can use google keyword planner for the same.

  • Make your ad sales focused

    Showing your ad to the right audience is not sufficient, you have to make your ad very compelling . Make very sure what you are selling and how to present it to your audience so that they are compelled to buy it. Your ad should be sale oriented and people who are seeing your ad should understand instantly what you are selling. Your ad should never be complicated.

  • Define what do you want from customers

    Have a very clear understanding from your google adwords campaign that what do you want your customers to do on your page. do you want them to fill a form or do you want them to buy a product or do you want them to redirect to a different website. Make sure you define what you from your customers.

  • Make attractive and engaging landing pages

    now landing pages are pages where your visitors reach when they click on your ad. and their is no reason you should not pay attention to its attractiveness.There is an old english saying “first impression is the last impression” and that is deadly true. you need to make avery clean lanmding page designed genuinly for the purpose of lead generation or sales

  • Make a call to action

    each online advertisement has a short instruction delivered as A Call to Action or CTA. Your CTA  defines the most important  advertising goal of your google Adwords campaign.e.g. If you want your audience to call for your business, then your CTA could be “Call Us Now.” for sales you should use a CTA of “Order Online.” Some ads contain more than one CTA but making one CTA per advertisement is good if you are a beginner

  • Always track your conversion

    always keep track from where you are getting your customers so that you can focus more on that genre or area. if you are getting conversions from a particular age group then you should run google adwords campaign for that group  specifically. if you audience are from a particular location,make sure you target that location more.

  • spy your competitors

    always keep your third eye open and be ready to spy on your competitors . keep track of what they are doing and what strategies are they undertaking. some competitors click on our ads uselessly so that we run out of our budget. so you have to keep tracking your clicks ,if they are coming from a particular IP and MAC  too many times ,then surely someone is playing with you.


You can learn more about google adwords campaign through digital marketing course at techstack.


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