Glass Options: Types of Shower Door Finishes

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When you mention the words "bathroom renovation," the things that first come to people's mind may be finding new fixtures, changing the toilet, freshening up the vanity, or replacing an old tub. While those are true for some, others start their revamping session by looking for new shower doors in Arlington, VA. Generally made of glass, this enclosure has evolved through the years and is now available in many styles and finishes.



One of the most popular picks among homeowners is the standard clear glass. It has a subtle greenish tint due to its iron alloy. Its low opacity allows light to enter easily and creates an illusion that makes a small bathroom seem wider.


Another version of this is called low-iron glass. As the name suggests, it's manufactured with lower iron content compared to its standard counterpart. This results in a sharper, clearer product with little to no tinge of green, which allows higher light transmission.



Frosted glass can be manufactured using two methods: sandblasting and acid-etching. The latter got its name from its process of making glass look frosty by applying acid. This results in a smooth and satin-like finish, which offers more privacy than the clear ones and allows soft light to enter the space.


Meanwhile, the other process involves high-pressure blasting of sand particles to erode the glass' surface. With this method, manufacturers can adjust the level of density to your liking. You can even opt for a high-opacity variant for better privacy while still allowing light to pour in.



If you want a decorative option for your bathroom, textured glass is a good choice. It features patterns pressed on its surface that create a mesmerizing visual effect when water runs down on it, especially in a well-lit room. Popular designs include rain, bamboo, and glacial patterns.


Another variety of textured glass is called a cast. It's made by filling a mold with molten glass to create a three-dimensional effect. It offers an aesthetically pleasing finish because of the wide array of forms the material can turn into.



Tinted glass is categorized according to the color added to it. The panel isn't fully opaque, but the darkness of the shade gives a decent amount of privacy.


It initially comes in two different tones: bronze and gray. But because of the changing market, manufacturers can now make them in your preferred color. You can go for a calming light blue, which resembles the ocean; or soft green, which mirrors the swaying of a tree's leaves.


Different types of glass mean various characteristics. Familiarize yourself with your options, so you can pick the door that best suits your residence. There are always new shower doors in Arlington, VA that'll surely match your style and needs. 

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