Gestational Surrogacy: Complete Guide to Understand

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Surrogacy is a way by which a couple, who cannot conceive, becomes the parent of their own genetical child through a surrogate. There are mainly two types of surrogacy Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy. Gestational Surrogacy is becoming more popular these days as it is ethically more correct and emotionally much secured.

Before starting you’re your Gestational surrogacy journey, going through this guide may help you to understand its process. For more information on surrogacy, contact SCI IVF HOSPITAL - Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi.


Comparison with Traditional Surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, the child carrier or surrogate is genetically connected with the baby. In this process, the egg is provided by the surrogate mother and is fertilized by the sperm of the intended father. This process uses the IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) to conceive. Since there is a biological connection, the surrogate mother becomes more emotionally attached to the baby.

While in Gestational Surrogacy, does not involve any biological connection between surrogate mother and child. In this process, the genetic carriers (Eggs and Sperms) are provided by the intended parents or sometimes the donors. Egg and sperm are fertilized in the lab using the IVF process and the embryo (fertilized egg) is kept inside to surrogate’s womb for further development.


Gestational Surrogacy Procedure

1.       Finding Suitable Surrogate

A surrogate is someone, who lends her womb to intended parents and carries their child for nine months. It is a difficult task to find a surrogate, thus people seek help from the surrogate agencies. Agencies provide professional surrogates who are trained in emotional management, understand all legal and medical aspects, and understand her rights in the contract. These agencies also keep a full portfolio of surrogate mothers and match the goals of the intended parents with the surrogate to help in selecting the suitable one.


2.       Medical Check-up of Surrogate

If your surrogate is from a surrogate agency, generally, they are responsible for the health and medical check-up of the surrogate. However, if you have found a surrogate on your own, a complete medical check-up is required before starting. This medical check-up consists of checking any infectious disease, blood test, BMI, fit for giving birth, and so on.


3.       Legal Agreement

Before starting the process, a legal agreement is signed between both the parties, the surrogate mother and the intended parents. The legal agreement ensures the rights of both parties and avoids any future conflict. The most important clause is, the surrogate has no legal rights on the child thus she cannot ask for the custody of the baby in any circumstances.


4.       Medical Steps

There are the following medical steps involved in the Surrogacy process.

i)                 Uterus Strengthening: In this process, some medication is given to the surrogate mother to prepare the uterus for the process. Since surrogacy is not a natural process, all hormones for strengthening the utters for carrying the baby are given through medication.

ii)                Forming Embryo: In this step, the sperm is received from the intended father (or sometimes the donor), and the egg is received from the intended mother. The egg is then fertilized in the lab to form an embryo with the help of IVF.

iii)               Transferring Embryo in Surrogate’s Womb: In this step, the embryo is kept inside the surrogate mother’s uterus for further growth.

iv)               Delivering Baby and Infant Care: Finally, the baby is delivered after almost nine months of pregnancy just like in the natural pregnancy process. As surrogacy is not a natural process, infant care is a little different. The doctor suggests the mother the breastfeeding options and emotional connect activities after the delivery. For the finest surrogacy treatment, contact Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour – she is the best surrogacy doctor in Delhi.

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