Surrogacy Treatment Services in India: Know About Gestational Surrogacy

by Shivani Sachdev Director at SCI IVF Hospital
Surrogacy may have different implications for different people, but it is one of the most accepted procedures for childless couples to have children. So, if you are an intended parent looking forward to expanding your family, choosing the best surrogacy services in Delhi may help you consider the options of gestational surrogacy. The process through which childbirth takes place in surrogacy is IVF.

Do you think gestational surrogacy is the best option for intended parents to expand their families? What queries do you have about surrogacy and its implications? The Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi has the following to say about gestational surrogacy.

•    Helps couples with infertility issues
Suppose you are trying to have children for a long time but struggling with infertility issues or other health concerns related to pregnancy. In that case, gestational surrogacy is the best option to choose. The couples require a surrogate or a gestational carrier for this method. However, you must go to a surrogacy doctor and find out everything about surrogacy laws for more details.

•    The choice for single parents
It is common for single parents of today to have children and raise them from birth. Single individuals can also enjoy fatherhood and motherhood through sperm and egg donors without the assistance of a partner. Single individuals may consult with the best surrogacy services in Delhi to learn more about how they can benefit from gestational surrogacy.

•    Biological connection with the child
Unlike adoption, gestational surrogacy includes the sperm and egg of either parents or one. Therefore, the child born through surrogacy is the biological offspring of the intended parents. The surrogate only carries the fertilized embryo and gives birth to the child. If you are keen to have a blood-related child, gestational surrogacy is the best option to choose.

•    The success rate of surrogacy
During gestational surrogacy, the health of the surrogate mother and the child is the primary focus of the doctor and the family. Therefore, the surrogate mother should record at least one healthy pregnancy before carrying another child. Besides, the surrogate undergoes proper medical examination beforehand and all the blood tests and ultrasound later.

The best surrogacy services in Delhi assist the intended parents throughout the procedure and allow the surrogate to stay mentally and physically balanced when carrying the baby. The services ensure a higher success rate and protect the health of the intended parents and the surrogate carrying the baby. If you are tired of facing negative pregnancy tests for several years, gestational surrogacy is the right option to choose.

•    Fewer legal complications
In traditional surrogacy, the biological mother of the child is the surrogate may lead to legal issues. However, in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate does not have any biological connection with the child. Usually, the surrogacy services make the entire arrangement for gestational surrogacy as they have a team of legal experts to back the procedure.

•    Availability of sperm and egg donors
With gestational surrogacy, the intended parents can choose the sperm or egg donors. For single individuals or same-sex couples, the options in gestational surrogacy are unlimited, and all they need is to coordinate with the best surrogacy services to ease the procedure.

Involvement of the intended parents
Due to the terms of the legal agreement, the intended parents can attend the doctor’s appointments and stay during the delivery of the child. Therefore, childless couples may enjoy the experience of childbirth and stay prepared to welcome the child. The best surrogacy services in Delhi offer the assistance that the intended parents and the surrogate complete the pregnancy term successfully and in peace of mind.

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