Genshin Impact: Tips You Wish You Would Have Known Earlier

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Genshin Impact is a role-playing game that was launched only a couple of days ago. The game is free-to-play. It has over 10 million players across various platforms, but it feels a bit dull. Genshin Impact has taken inspiration from Breath of the Wild. It has a wide and open world that needs to be explored, a complete voice-acted plot, and there are also some mobile-game microtransactions.

Genshin Impact has a vast number of features and is loaded with secrets that you can miss easily. So, we have discussed here, some of the tips that would help you explore the world of Teyvat.

All the main features get unlocked after Adventure Rank 20

The game will start on a slow pace, and it will take you a long time to unlock certain core features of the Genshin Impacts. You will have to focus on leveling up the Adventure Rank of yours.

Use Your Wishes in Groups of 10

To earn new characters and some robust weapons, Genshin Impact uses a “gacha” system, meaning you can purchase loot boxes for a slight edge. To some players, it might sound a bit concerning, but trust us, you will earn plenty of loot along with the currency. The loot boxes are named Wishes as some of them arrive seasonally; however, others are always there and much similar every time. We recommend you save your Wishes and whenever you want to spend, spend them every time, in a group of 10.

We recommend you to do this because the moment you open ten at the same time, you will get a guaranteed four-star character or weapon. They are the second-highest tier that is available in the game. There are also chances of getting five-star rewards, but they are not more than 0.6 percent.

You Should Save your Prismogems and Stardust for Wishes

Even though you can buy wishes with your real money, you can also earn them in the right amount just by playing Genshin Impact. There are two currencies you get in the game that help you buy the wishes. They are Prismogems and Stardust. You will get Prismogems by doing basic activities like fighting bosses or completing the missions. On the other hand, you would earn Stardust by opening Wishes.

You can convert the Prismogems into Wishes directly from the Wish menu; however, the Stardust can only be converted by using the shop menu, present in the section named “Paimon’s Bargains.” Stardust helps you to purchase only five Wishes per month.

While in Combat, Swap Characters Often

You will be able to play with a handful of characters in Genshin Impact in no time. Every player will have a different type of elemental damage type, which triggers various kinds of explosive effects when you combine them with other elements. You might get the habit of playing up with only a single character, but you should swap the characters often during the gameplay. You can do it by pressing the key associated with that process.

Set up various kinds of devastating combos, by casting the water-ability of one character to the fire character of the other, and then you can use a fire spell to launch a vaporized effect.

Talk to every NPC, as they often have secret quests and more

There are a lot of characters in the gameplay that have quests or have rare items that you can purchase from them and use whenever required. This is the reason it is worth talking to almost everyone whom you meet. You need to definitely have a conversation with everyone, especially if you are out in the wilderness, as you never know who might give you a clue about the nearby secrets.

Make Use of the Map to Mark Everything

Teyvat is a world that is full of secrets, but sometimes you would run into a particular one that is not having a proper solution. So, it is better to mark everything on to your map. With the help of these pins, locations of rare resources can also be marked. You get liability to lay down over 99 pins.

So, these were some of the tips that would help you in exploring the game more efficiently rather than just simply playing it.

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Source: Genshin Impact: Tips You Wish You Would Have Known Earlier

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