Five signs you need to replace your commercial metal roof

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While traditional asphalt roofing materials can last for about 12-20 years, metal roofing can have an estimated life expectancy of up to 70 years! That being said, some factors can significantly reduce the serviceable life of a commercial metal roof and necessitate a brand new roofing system.

If your metal roof exhibits any of the signs below, it may need to be replaced. However, it is best to have your roof inspected by a certified contractor specializing in commercial roofing in Orlando before you self-diagnose the need for replacement. More often than not, what property owners think is a reason to replace their roofing system ends up being a tiny issue that can be easily remedied.

Missing panels

If your metal roof is missing panels, it is a pretty obvious sign that it needs to be replaced. Leave the problem unattended, and it won't be too long before serious leaks develop. Turbulent weather conditions or gradual deterioration of the screws holding the panels in place are two of the most common reasons behind missing metal paneling on roofs.

Widened screw holes

Be it through years of temperature fluctuation or the subtle movement of metal paneling due to high winds or other factors, screw holes can sometimes widen to the point where they are not able to hold the paneling tightly in place. If your metal roof has widened screw holes, you might want to replace it, as this problem may allow water to leak under the metal panels.

Buckled panels

Metal paneling could buckle or warp due to incorrect installation or exposure to fluctuating temperatures. However, irrespective of the cause, buckled panels can pose one major problem: they can cause some serious roof leakage. If you notice buckled panels on your metal roof, it is generally a good idea to save your dollars on commercial roof repairs and get a replacement.

Deteriorated joints

The joints where the metal panels meet may gradually rust and get corroded due to weather exposure. Any joint deterioration, though, is doom and gloom for your roof. The joints are responsible for securing one panel to another and preventing water from leaking between the adjacent edges. When rusted or corroded, they cannot carry out their duties effectively, which can result in expensive repairs down the line. Replacing the roof is more cost-effective.

Leak spots on the ceiling

Leak spots on the ceiling are perhaps the most reliable sign that a roof needs to be replaced. Many commercial building owners assume that these spots are from leaky pipes. However, roof leaks and plumbing leaks are different because, with a roof leak, these spots only grow larger on rainy days.


Tearing down your old roof and installing a new one can be an expensive proposition. However, letting a damaged roof that is way beyond its serviceable life remain in place eventually leads to costly water damage on the interior of a building. If your commercial metal roof shows any of the signs above, have it inspected by a commercial roofing contractor before it is too late.

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