Features that Makes Wooden Bunk Beds Better Than Metal Beds

by William Dawson Writer
The most overlooked feature when purchasing a bed is the bed frame. Where most people focus on the mattress as it provides the most comfort when sleeping or sitting, we can't deny that the material also plays an important role when it comes to the safety of adults and children using a bunk bed.

The foundation for a good night's sleep is getting a quality bunk bed with a strong wooden frame. One that lasts you a lifetime, doesn't squeak when you sit, gives you the required support and comfort you need, and combines practicality with stylish good looks.

Obviously, when it comes to bunk beds there are different bed frames which can make it hard to decide which one to choose. However, the simplest choice comes down to solid wood or metal bunk beds? And what makes wooden bunk beds better?

Wooden Bunk Beds

The most preferred material among wooden bunks is solid wood. And if you opt for a custom design you are certain to get a meticulously crafted and expertly crafted bunk bed that will ensure it is of the highest quality, offers stability and longevity, Moreover, not limited to just one type of wood there are several types that offer different types. For instance, solid woods for bunk beds offer a smooth surface, symmetry which translates into a flawless color finish, known for its rustic unique look, all these features will ensure that you get a bunk bed that is one of a kind.

If you want a bunk bed that is good for your health and environmentally friendly at the same time, hardwood is the way to go. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that wooden bunk beds are offered in every style, design, configuration, color, and size. You are sure to get a bunk bed according to your needs and preferences.

Metal Bunk Beds

Without a doubt, metal bunk beds offer a modern and contemporary look that kids can enjoy. Typically, these are crafted from durable steel tubes or metal rods. You can get the metal or steel rods specially coated so that the rods are resistant to rust and the typical wear and tear doesn't result in scratching and chipping of the paint. Metal bunk beds are also popular in college dorms, apart from being popular among children.

Wood vs Metal: Features that make Solid Wood Bunk Beds Stand Out

Both materials offer unique benefits according to the situation they have to be used. However, wood bunk beds offer versatility in terms of uniqueness, storage, and custom configurations. Here are a few of the reasons it is best between the two:

1. Safety: With the safety guidelines around bunk beds, wooden bunks are the safest option as you can have an add-on of extra safety rails. Plus, with a solid wood bunk bed, you can rest easy knowing that it is properly built and sturdy enough to support its allotted weight, work well for children and adults at the same time. Moreover, its natural anti-microbial nature means that it is hygienic and hypoallergenic, lasting longer and safer for everyone.

2. Comfortable: As opposed to the metal alternatives, quality wooden bed frames are less likely to creak. So whether your children play or you have the habit of tossing around, you are guaranteed to get restful sleep and avoid the annoyance of squeaks and creaks with a wooden bunk bed.

3. Durable bunk beds that will last long: This feature goes in hand with the design and construction of the bunk bed. The wooden bunk beds are often longer-lasting, as these are designed for heavy use and can become a staple in the spaces where a shared room setting is a must. Here is what keeps wooden bunk beds last longer:

a. Wood is heavier than metal and ultimately can withstand the test of time better.

b. Wooden bunk beds are often treated with no VOCs paints that protect the finish.

c. Each wooden frame offers a unique pattern of wood grain that enhances the feeling of originality and longevity.

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