Features of the Machines Used For Crack Detection

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Companies involved in crack detection use various methods and processes for flawless results. All these processes and methods are highly technical and involve several machines and tools. One of them is MPI or Magnetic Particle Inspection and the machine used for this is called MPI machine or Magnetic Particle Inspection machine. Several companies manufacture this machine that is highly reliable, comes with superior quality craftsmanship, super quality reliability and long life. Lastly, it has unmatched durability and is extremely rugged in looks.

Application of Magnetic Crack Detection tool

  • The machine used for this process is generally designed for non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic samples, metal parts and parts.
  • It can even locate cracks and several other similar defects in the samples.
  • There is a pre-described method for usage and experts say that when used with precision and accuracy, it will help you locate defects such as fatigued cracks, heat cracks, grinding checks, forging laps, shrinks and tears.
  • Similarly, it can trace out even the hardest to trace defects in casting, improper welds and inherent defects in the metals.
  • This machine can also trace defects such as seams and inclusions and even cracks due to over-stressing of various parts.
  • According to the experts, these defects may not be visible through naked eyes or through any other method of crack detection.

In the following part of this post, we will review some top features of the machine.

  • The output current used is available in all kinds of magnetizing currents such as Alternating Current, Half Wave Direct Current and Direct Current.
  • Because of the precision and high quality performance, this machine can be used to locate surface as well as subsurface cracks.
  • One more feature is that it can be used for both dry and wet type inspection.
  • The process used by most of these crack detection machine allows users to examine cracks even after the sample has been removed from the machine.
  • Fluorescent powder or liquid shines brightly under the UV light for easy spotting.

Benefits of using Magnetic Crack Detection machine

High Sensitivity

  • With its help, small discontinuities and deep sub-surface cracks can be detected easily.

Minimal surface preparation

  • One more benefit is that there would be no requirement of removing paint.

Portable and Mobile

  • This machine can be designed for ensuring portability and mobility.


Some other features are –

  • Cost saving
  • Easily identifies defective parts

Selecting the machine

Following points and features are to be considered at the time of acquiring this machine –

  • Diameter of the Sample
  • Surface only or Subsurface

Using these machines, following types of tests can be conducted:

  • For heavy stationary objects, mobile or portable magnetic crack detector
  • For welding and finished welding inspection, portable magnetic crack detector is recommended
  • For movable objects, stationary model magnetic crack detector is ideal

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