Face-off: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

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Google is known as the world’s largest search engine whereas Facebook is known as the social network with the world’s largest user base. These giants have moved mountains in the field of Digital Advertising. Since then the digital form of advertising has been evolved whereas traditional advertising has been adrift.


The advertising model for both Google and Facebook is different from each other. Each varies according to the designed model. It is important to understand Google or Facebook if we want to advertise in these places.

So the very first step and important step is to find out how do these platforms work and which platform is best for your business? We will discuss the differences here.


Both of these networks are great when it comes to delivering results. These both are two different platforms with their benefits.


The first question which we need to ask is What is your end goal?


·  Brand Awareness: If you are looking for Brand Awareness or Social Following then you should go for Facebook Ads.


·  Engagement: If you are looking for Engagement then you should go for Facebook Ads.


·  Sales/Leads/Consultation: Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads should be considered.


How Google Ad is different from Facebook Ads?


As we know, Google users are driven and Facebook users are browsing.


·        Push & Pull Marketing:

Google Ads follow Pull Marketing strategy which means that the ads are shown to the users who are already interested in your product or service or are more likely to show interest in the same. Google ads are more accurate as of the ads which are being shown to people are because they had searched or have been searching for related queries. Facebook uses a push marketing approach here which is the opposite of Google Ads here the users are not necessarily searching for your product or service. Facebook advertising uses online behavior and facebook profile to know more about them.


·         Targetting:

User intent is another important factor. Both of these follow the Cost-per-click method also known as the CPC pricing system, however, the process of targetting differs. Facebook Ads are shown based on individual qualities. Demographics, Interests, and behavior are taken into account while targetting on Facebook. Google Ads are being targetted based on age, location, gender, language. Google Ads are dependent on the keywords that the users are supposed to search for.


·         Cost per click:

As we know from the above points that the user intent changes for both the ad delivery platforms. As Google is focused on the real intent whereas the facebook guesses the intent, therefore, the cost also differs accordingly. Google Ads is expensive than Facebook Ads. Adwords cost per click is higher.


·        Conversion:

If we talk about conversion rate, The conversion of facebook is expected to be less than that of Google Ads. That being said Facebook is best to generate awareness, getting people to visit your website, sign up for the service but the conversions are rare. Expectations shouldn’t be high for conversions from facebook feeds.


Keeping the above points into consideration we think Google Ads and Facebook Ads both work well together. Push and pull marketing together is a successful hit. If a business wants to grow and succeed in the deadly combination of both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the best combination one can ever think of!

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