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What is export-import? How export import database matter? How can you run a business of export and import? The export data with the company name works under certain rules. How Export Companies in India maintain the rules? All the relevant answers you will get in this blog. Read this blog to get correct information about export and import along with companies in India.

What are export and import?

Export and import are related to the international trading of goods and services. Export means the goods and services produced in one country and are further sold to another country. The people who sell such goods and services is known as an exporter. Those foreign people who buy these goods and services are known as importers.

Import is the receiving service. The goods and services brought from another country to one’s own country are known as an import. There are various export companies in India. The export data with the company name will provide further information. The import data India will give information regarding the product imported.

How to start an export business in India?

Are you planning to develop an export business in India? Various export companies in India provide export data with the company name. To flourish your export and import business with new creative ideas will give a change system at various places. To export data with the company name is giving what you need to.

Product description

Choose wisely the list of items you want to export. Some products are prohibited from being exported. Choose them wisely so that you can flourish your business accordingly. The export companies in India flourish business in this way.

India mainly focuses on agricultural products. Try to get the source for the agricultural product in your area and export them. You will get benefit from it as profit.

Quality also matters a lot. The reviews of customers will give you a proper understanding of future orders.

Target your analyze market

Always try to focus on competition, the requirement of quality, payment method, and market size. To get an overseas market you need to analyze your target market.

There are certain export benefits found in a few countries under foreign trade policy. The Import Data India also get some benefits under policies.

Logo and business name

Try to select the proper logo and name for your business. This should be your first step before looking for registration or a buyer.


You need to register under a certain policy of export data with the company name. The export companies in India have followed certain rules. Your permanent account number is mandatory for doing business of export and import. Use your bank account for an authorized dealer in foreign exchange. The import data in India also have certain registration rules.

IEC number

What is the use of the IEC number and why it is required? An exporter or importer in India requires obtaining an IEC number under foreign trade policy. It is the importer-exporter code number same as GST goods and service tax. The import data in India also have the same PAN number.

RCMC requirement

Registration cum membership certificate that is issued by the export promotional council and valid for five years. This will prove to you that certain benefits and concessions are provided under foreign trade policy. The import data India also requires this. Certain export data with company names and export companies in India required RCMC.

Top export companies in India

There are more than 5000 export and import companies in India. They provide the import data in India along with export data. The export companies in India provide are as follows.

·         Petroleum and oil with mineral fuels. 10% of total export goes under this category. Almost dollar 27.6 billion is used under this category.

·         Precious stones, gems, etc shares 8.9% of total export with dollars 24.5 billion.

·         Pharmaceuticals share 6.7% of total export with $18 billion.

·         Machinery’s including computers; laptops cost $18 billion with 6.5% of total export.

·         Organic chemicals include $17 billion of 6.3% of total export.

·         Electrical equipment, machinery will cost $13 billion with 4.9% of export.

·         Vehicles, cereals, iron steel, plastic materials cover the rest of the export.

These are some top ten products provided by export companies in India. They all provide export data with the company name. Import data in India also have certain products.


Top importers in India

Certain import-export companies in India provide import-export data with the company name. The import data in India along with companies are mentioned below.

Organic chemicals

The organic chemical is in huge demand. $20 billion organic chemicals in India are imported that is 4% of total imports of the country. These imported organic chemicals are used for the agricultural sector. Some of the organic chemicals are Dishman pharmaceutical chemical, Gajoli, Black Rose Export Pvt Ltd.


The third-largest importer of oil is India. India imports 102 billion oil from other countries. According to data 2.68 million barrels a day are imported and by India. The top oil importer of India is Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, reliance industry limited.

Fertilizer importer

The import-export companies in India will import data in India. India imported 7 billion fertilizers. The top fertilizer importers in India are Chamble fertilizer and chemical limited, Deepak fertilizer and petrochemical limited, fertilizer and chemical Travancore limited. The export data with the company name are mentioned above.

Machinery’s importer in India

Machinery includes computers, various machines. India imports 44 billion and is the 4th largest importer of machinery. The various equipment and machinery Include general-purpose machines and special-purpose machines. The top importer of machines is Japan, Germany, USA, and China. The top machinery company is standard machine tool Tradex private limited, HCL info system limited, Dell computer India private limited. Import data in India have certain companies. The export companies in India also provide a database. Export data with the company name will give a better understanding and knowledge.


Till now you might be aware of export data with company name, export companies in India, and import data in India. To flourish your business you require certain criteria to be fulfilled. “Business is a mind game and risk involved in it always”.

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