Exploring Opportunities for Accounting Careers in the USA

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The United States is experiencing a surge in accounting job opportunities, offering a challenging and fulfilling profession. Individuals residing outside the U.S. may wonder about becoming a foreign-educated accountant, given the numerous advantages of this career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants earn an average annual salary of $77,250, ranging from $47,970 to $128,970. To navigate the path to becoming a foreign-educated accountant, also known as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the U.S., refer to our comprehensive guide for more information:

What Is the Process for Working in the U.S. As an Indian Accountant?

  1. Choose Your Practice State:

Select the state where you plan to practice as an accountant, considering the specific licensure and ongoing education requirements.

  1. Enhance English Proficiency:

Improve your English language skills, as working in the U.S. requires proficiency. All relevant materials, exams, and licensure processes are conducted in English.

  1. Compile Essential Documents:

Gather necessary documents, including academic transcripts (indicating at least 150 credit hours), resumes detailing prior CPA work, and information on degrees, licenses, or certifications.

  1. Conduct Credential Evaluation:

Obtain a comprehensive credential evaluation for your academic achievements, ensuring compliance with the 150 credit hours of accounting education prerequisite for the CPA Exam.

  1. Choose Accredited Credential Evaluation Service:

The Board of Accounting in your desired state will guide you on the credential evaluation service. Most states, including some mandating NASBA, necessitate this step for licensure eligibility.

  1. Commence CPA Exam Preparation:

Initiate preparation for the CPA Exam, comprising four sections. Achieving passing scores in each section is a prerequisite for licensure. Understand the exam's comprehensive nature and plan your study timeline, typically recommended as a year with dedicated periods for each section.

  1. Apply for Notice to Schedule (NTS):

Upon receiving your credential evaluation report (usually 6-8 weeks), apply for the Notice to Schedule (NTS). This document confirms your eligibility to take the CPA exam and schedule a test date. Most states use NASBA's CPA Central portal for NTS applications but verify specific requirements with your intended state.

  1. NTS Application Fee:

There is a fee for applying for the Notice to Schedule (NTS), and international applicants may have an additional fee. Expect to receive your NTS in 6-8 weeks for first-time applications or 2 weeks for repeat applications.

  1. CPA Exam Scheduling:

Schedule test dates for the CPA Exam upon receiving the NTS, typically done through Prometric. Confirm the specific state requirements for accurate test scheduling procedures.

  1. Testing Window Limitations:

You cannot retake the same exam section within the same testing window. If a section is unsuccessful, you can only attempt the other three until the next trimester.

  1. AICPA Testing Information:

Refer to the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) for comprehensive testing details.

  1. Completing the CPA Exam:

Successfully pass all four CPA Exam sections within 18 months of the initial attempt.

  1. State Licensure Application:

Apply for state licensure after passing the CPA Exam. State requirements vary, typically involving 1-2 years of accounting work. Submit your credential evaluation information, and be prepared for associated licensure application fees.

  1. Select State Board of Accountancy:

Use NASBA's website directory to choose your preferred state's Board of Accountancy for the application process.

Are There Any Restrictions to Working as an Indian Accountant in the U.S.?

After completing the CPA exam, securing your state license, and entering the United States with the appropriate visa, you are unrestricted in your ability to work. Ensure to regularly verify state mandates, including continuing education and license renewals, to maintain uninterrupted legal practice as an accountant in your state.

What Are the State-Specific Requirements for Indian Accountants?

Requirements for foreign-educated accountants differ by state, encompassing diverse work experience durations, specific academic accomplishments (e.g., a Master's degree in accounting), unique application procedures, mandatory ethics exams, and state licensure fees. Certain states impose annual continuing education prerequisites for accountants. It is crucial to confirm these details directly with the state board of accounting in your desired work location to gain a comprehensive understanding of the licensing process and practice as an accountant in that specific state.

Where can I find top-notch training for a career in accounting in the USA?

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