Equipment and Supplies needed before Starting an Online Grocery Store

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What is an online grocery store?

An online grocery store is any supermarket or grocery store which provides online shopping facility to consumers.

Supermarkets or grocery stores have opted for online model especially during the current pandemic scenario. A proper shop premise and online grocery shopping model goes hand in hand successfully if managed effectively. Various supermarkets and grocers have adopted this model and have successfully retained their customer base in current situation.

The current retail industry is greatly influenced by digitization and the grocers /supermarket owners are not far behind. By leveraging new e-commerce technologies these entrepreneurs are successful in creating their own niche. Leading retail players have entered this online grocery market and are designing plans helping them deliver goods to doorstep of consumers. A recent research report predicts online grocery industry to grow over US $ 18 billion by 2024. Another report indicates during Covid situation the revenue increased 1.7 times for online grocers as compared to January numbers. It is predicted the online grocery industry will be steady for rest of this year.

The above research clearly shows the preference for online grocery models displayed by consumer segment. What goes in establishing an online grocery store? Or what are the essential equipment or goods required to start an online grocery store?

To start any business multiple factors need to be considered. Similarly for starting an online grocery store we need to consider various factors to start the enterprise in the right way. We will discuss essential requirements required to start an online grocery store. 

1. POS (Point of Sales) & Inventory Management Software

An online/virtual payment checkout experience is similar to the experience of standing in a bill line in a supermarket / grocery store. The POS billing machine is a factor which is crucial in deciding the footfall for the online site and the store. While deciding on the POS / Inventory management software for your online grocery store it is necessary to check below three points 

·         Must give accurate product and good pricing and quantity

Whether a store premise or an online grocery portal the POS system makes the entire difference to a shopping experience. While shopping online it is quicker if the POS is touchscreen enabled and is user friendly. The price and quantity of the product must accurately get scanned by this system. Gaining control on inventory is the most important point for any grocer. Online or in-the-store shopping the inventory management tracking helps the store stock in demand products. 

·         Repetitive customer details should be accurately traced

For an online customer the differentiator for any online grocery portal is the service it provides. For any repetitive customer it gives a nice feeling if his/her details, previous shopping preferences are duly saved and displayed during each shopping transaction. 

·         Coupon and discount voucher scanning is quick and easy

Any discount coupon detail repository must be available. Discounts are always welcomed by the customer segment. By implementing an automated POS coupon scanning and review will be hassle free.

2. Storage racks suited to all categories

For any online grocery store to flourish timely delivery and availability of products is a must. Another important factor is storage of products. While deciding to start an online grocery store warehouse requirement is crucial. An online store USP is multiple products are available at the click of a button. But, if the product is not delivered appropriately or in a damaged way it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the customer. You must ensure storage facility must be flawless with right size shelves to store all products on sale. 

3. Staff Lockers

Online grocery stores provide home delivery facility to customers. These online stores hire personnel who collect the goods and deliver them to multiple customers. To keep the customer happiness and satisfaction quotient undeterred it is essential the delivery teams adopt hygiene and safety guidelines. If possible staff lockers can be created for the delivery personnel to store their personal belongings and help them freshen up between deliveries. For large chain of online grocery stores a centralized staff locker can be created zone wise in cities. In the current pandemic situation these locker rooms can include a sanitization booth where all delivery personnel must gather before initiating their daily delivery tasks. These booths can contain hand sanitizers, surface sprays, masks and water bottles for the delivery personnel. 

4. Loss Prevention Equipment’s, CCTV, Fire Extinguishers

An online grocery store requires efficient security features along with the storage and delivery facilities. Installation of CCTVs, Door access lock and Fire Safety equipment is necessary from governance and safety perspective. These systems help you keep an eye on the daily operations of different delivery / warehouse premises and help in effective management of employees too. 

5. Shopping baskets & Trolleys

As we discussed earlier warehouse or centralized delivery premises need to be created depending on the business size. As orders come in through the online portal the warehouse / delivery store personnel can keep the goods ready order wise in separate baskets or trolleys. While starting the online grocery setup you must check if shopping baskets / trolleys are in place as it is essential to avoid any chaos related to mix up of orders and eventually delayed delivery. 

6. Cold Storage freezers & refrigerators

An online grocery store delivers all kinds of daily groceries which also includes frozen goods and items like butter and cheese which need specific storage temperatures. As an entrepreneur you need to keep in mind the requirement for cold storage and freezers as some goods need to be stored at specific cold temperatures. 

7. Temperature & Dust Control Equipments like Air Curtain, Air-conditioning, etc.

Dust buildup is common for any store or warehouse. Lack of maintenance and regular cleaning can pose a threat to the perishable goods which are stored on the premise. It can also cause health hazard to personnel employed on premise. Various dust control measures like Air curtains, customized ventilation and air conditioning system can help you keep your store facility clean and dust free. Thus, your goods will remain fresh and enjoy longer shelf life. 

8. POS Counters, POS Machines, Self-Checkout Machines

Self-Checkout machines, POS billing software which is user friendly help make the customer shopping experience better. The best method which is gaining popularity is self-checkout machines which enable customer to make payments and shop from the convenience of their smartphones. This makes them free from unending billing lines and helps retailer adapt the cashier les mode. The billing software must also ensure customer data repository, must support multiple POS sessions, must be able to accept different payment modes and must support daily price fluctuations and inventory management. An online grocery store will always see a steady flow of consumers and the POS system must be able to manage the load. 

How YRC can help you start your online grocery store?

The competitive nature of retail especially FMCG sector has created a huge need of experts who can guide entrepreneurs on their business path. YRC team will help you not only design your online store layout but also guide you to setup your physical store. Our team of experts will advise you in end to end store setup right from layout designing, requirement and detailing of equipment’s, furniture setup and all other factors included in an online store setup. YRC will ensure you achieve your entrepreneurial goal with accurate detailing and process management.

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