Epoxy Paint & Its Applications

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO
Epoxy is a class of resin that is extracted from the polymerization of epoxides, which are used in coatings, paints, etc. The basic characteristics of epoxy are chemical and heat resistance, toughness, strong adhesion, excellent mechanical properties, and outstanding electrical insulating properties. Owing to these properties, it is widely demanded in diverse industries for different applications. The properties of epoxies can be modified as well meeting the specific requirements of the end product. Application of epoxy is extensive such as it is used in metal coatings, high tension electrical insulators, electronics/electrical components/LEDs, paint brush manufacturing, and various others. 

About Epoxy Paints & Coatings
The epoxy coatings are required to be packed in two parts which are further mixed together prior to the final application. One part contains an epoxy resin and the other includes a co-reactant or hardener. As the properties of epoxy can be altered and modified, the epoxy coatings and paints can be formulated as per the performance requirement of the end product and environment. The epoxy paints and coatings are formulated to offer maximum resistance to corrosion, alkalinity, acids, etc., thus it is widely applied to steel and concrete. The final characteristics and suitability of an epoxy coating or paint are determined by the exact solution and perfect combination of the epoxy components and hardener components.

Application of Epoxy Paint
The application of an epoxy coating or paint is wide. For heavy duty service on metal substrates, two part of epoxy coatings are developed. It offers a tough and protective coating along with optimum hardness to the surface on which it is applied. Also, on proper catalyzing and application of the epoxy, it produces a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish. The epoxy coatings and paints are thus widely used in industrial and automotive applications as they are resistant to heat. There is also a fusion bonded epoxy powder coating which is widely preferred for providing ample corrosion protection to the steel pipes and fittings used in oil and gas industry, concrete reinforcing rebar, potable water transmission pipelines (steel), etc. The coatings of epoxy are used for improving the adhesion of marine and automotive paints. It specifically works on the metal surfaces and avoids corrosion (rusting). This is the reason why some of the metal cans and containers are often coated with epoxy.

In a nutshell, epoxy coatings or paints are used to avoid corrosion on the surface of metals used in different applications. One can contact a Protex epoxy paint exporter in Mumbai or any other city by browsing different websites.

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