Enjoy A Debt Free Christmas With Some Great Saving Plans

by Jayson Bernad Enthusiastic Blogger and Writer

Christmas is fast approaching! Consumers decorate their homes to enjoy lights and bright colors when it's cold and gray outside and to compete with their neighbors. It seems that even individuals who choose to value the season for purer reasons can be swept up by the commercialism of this holiday and forget how to use their shopping knowledge. Many of them have succumb to certain pressures, like the belief that everyone must have a gift; that each gift must be of roughly equal value; and that people will love them or judge them based on the quality of a gift. The big chance to save prior to the holiday is black Friday. True deals hit shelves on the last Friday of November; it's crazy how much you can save as part of your Christmas saving plans. Use this time wisely to buy what you really want or need; don't let it make you nuts.

Shoppers can be frantic and violent, but keep a cool head. Ask clerks the night before Black Friday if they change price tags late that evening and are willing to honor the next day's prices a little early. You might be surprised at their willingness for the sake of 12 hours. Remember: doors open early on Friday, November 25th. A new trend in holiday sales is to run early boxing week discounts. Shops often find they make a lot of their revenue on Boxing Day anyway, so, in order to enjoy their Christmas dinners without nervous indigestion, they lower prices and offer deals on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Their accounts look a lot fatter before sitting down to eat. By the 26th, store shelves are a little bit emptier; shoppers aren't rushing in to take advantage of deals in quite the same aggressive manner; and the whole post-Christmas consumer atmosphere is calmer.

Boxing Day Christmas and coupons

For a lot of people, Boxing Day is the only time to shop. They tell their kids: you can have this tiny thing if I buy it before the big day or something you really want if you wait. Children are surprisingly patient when they know there is a new gaming console or laptop in their near future. Ask your family if they are willing to split Christmas into a sacred 25th and an unwrapping frenzy on the 26th. As the final days before December 25th approach, keep an eye for opportunities to redeem coupons towards foods and other items you need. This is an ideal time to cash in coupons that say "buy one, get one free." If a household is going to use two or more of something, this is the time; when half the family is visiting or when you anticipate making a visit to someone else's house and bringing something to contribute.

A number of coupons were useless to you until this point, but now you can definitely use the extra crackers or bags of pasta. It's even a good time to stock up on bigger sizes or larger numbers of products you use every day, not just at Christmas, especially if you live in a country, state, or region that experiences severe weather in December. Prepare to be stuck indoors because of a raging blizzard or icy roads. If you can't get out your driveway, canned milk and the large-format boxes of cereal will keep you going and also save you a lot of money which is a weather-related bonus.

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