Emerald Necklace – How to Find One With The Perfect Colour Beads And Looks

by Rohit A. Diamond Jewellery manufactures and exports Diamond

One of the most valued gemstones since ancient times is the Emerald. It is known for its beautiful green colour, which not only made the wearer look more beautiful, but also was believed in ancient time to confer upon him or her special powers.  The best way to enjoy the loveliness of this stone is by setting it into a necklace, which has made beautiful emerald beads. The lustre of the necklace is unlike what is seen in any other gemstone necklace.

About Necklaces Made with Emerald Beads

When you look at Emerald necklaces, what you will notice is that they are made up of a single strand, two strands, or three strands. The stones of the necklace can be small, medium, or large sized.  They can be unpolished, wherein you cannot see the lustre of the gem, else they can be beautiful cut, wherein the stone glimmers beautifully when light falls on it. Usually, emerald beads in the necklace are just strung together, but you can also see them in combination with other gemstones such as ruby, pearl, or topaz. When set in combination with such stones, the beauty of the emerald stone is more, and the necklace is very rich, having an allure like none other.

Astrological Reasons for Wearing Emeralds

Typically, Emeralds are bought on the advice of an astrologer to counteract negative planetary effects. It is believed that the stone confers upon the wearer’s astuteness and shrewdness of mind. It also rejuvenates the soul, enabling them to heal over emotional losses faced in life. It is believed that problems such as asthma, heart problems, disruption of bowel movements, epilepsy, and sleeping problems can be alleviated by wearing this gemstone. In ancient times, it was said to be an antidote against poison and royals wore it for this purpose or drank from cups made from it as it could nullify the effects of the poison. It is believed to increase the power of speech and remove nervous disorders.

What to Check Before Buying an Emerald?

When buying an emerald, it is vital to check its qualities. The stone must have a glow and lustre to it. The colour should be a rich green one.  It should also be certified, which indicates that it is free from blemishes.

It is to be noted that the most-prized emeralds are transparent. So, you can see through them at the surface on which they are placed. Their colour is distributed evenly, and it is to be noted that a gemstone said to be an emerald with a lot of bluish or yellowish colouring in it is not one at all. It is a sort of beryl, and as a result, it is not of the same value as an emerald.  You will find emeralds mined from Columbia to have a warmer and more intense green colouring. However, ones from Zambia have a cooler bluish, green colour.  It is indeed difficult to find an emerald stone without any blemishes. Such is the profusion of blemishes also called inclusions that people accept the stone with them than without. Stones without them are very clean and clear, but also very rare; hence, they are priced very high.

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