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Inputs that we feed daily to our subconscious mind drive our choices automatically, later turning them into our behavior. We do not realize how and why we are picking one option over the other, which is why it is termed unconscious bias or cognitive bias. These biases tend to exist with every human being across all fields of work. And HR professionals of a company are no exception trying to recruit the best candidate with potential talent.

Recruiters can have their underlying preferences towards people belonging to a particular community or have stereotypes against a specific group, taking over their decision-making subconsciously/unconsciously. In a workplace setting, these preferences result in them being prejudice during recruitment.

Due to the recruiter’s biases, a company could potentially lose the best-fit candidate just because he belongs to a particular ethnicity or gender. Hence, businesses must turn over a new leaf of recruitment practices that can reduce human intervention in the initial rounds of talent acquisition solutions and eliminate unconscious biases while selecting a candidate for the final interview.

Sniper AI – an Intelligent Tool to find the best-fit candidate

Recruitment Smart, in association with Carnegie Melon University, has developed a game-changing product, Sniper AI, which can match the resumes of applicants to the given job specifications and find a perfect fit with stunning accuracy at blinding speed. Sniper AI has exceeded the expectations of all the clients since its launch to select and recruit the most eligible candidates without exhibiting any prejudice. So, let’s look at how Sniper AI has been able to eliminate unconscious biases from recruitment practices across industries.

Robust machine learning algorithm allows blind hiring

The advanced machine learning (ML) algorithm of Sniper AI identifies the nature of biases, if any, and then addresses them through an AI-based recommendation engine, promoting ethical hiring while masking the applicant’s identity. This allows companies to use Sniper AI as an adept platform for executing “Blind Hiring,” thus eliminating unconscious biases from recruitment practice. Further, the algorithms used in Sniper AI neutralize any extant inherent bias in the system.

Recruitment Smart, through its offering of Sniper AI, has been able to reduce about 40% of various types of biases across different workplace settings.

Informed feedback as it learns with every search

The powerful machine learning algorithm also renders Sniper AI the ability to provide more informed feedback to itself with every search, empowering the platform to analyse and match candidates to the given roles and score them accordingly. As a result, the software selects the candidate more accurately the more you use it.

Selection on merit without any biases

Sniper AI recognises a candidate’s attributes such as qualifications, work experience, and expert skills and compares them to qualitative factors such as length of service, employer noteworthiness, geographical location, and more. These features are calibrated using proprietary ML technology, enabling the entire system to learn how to accurately weigh and score each factor. The platform displays the best talent with the highest score at the top and helps the recruiter to interact with the applicant through the entire recruitment lifecycle without revealing any personal preferences or predisposition in terms of race, gender, or region, etc.

Stunning accuracy with no “false positives”

Using the most advanced keyword technology, Sniper AI becomes significantly more trustworthy as its robust search system efficiently weighs, scores, and ranks unique attributes and factors of the applicants. As a result, the system generates accurate results without producing any “false positives.” The best candidate with the highest score is displayed at the top, letting the recruiters gather more information on every applicant, thereby evaluating candidates more effectively.

Additional Benefits

  • Enhancing Candidate Engagement: AI-driven chatbot of Sniper AI efficiently manages innumerable queries and sets up the initial interview without needing to involve any HR personnel. The versatile chatbot, having a strong EQ, can have a very meaningful conversation with hundreds of applicants simultaneously at their convenience, enhancing candidate engagement.
  • Reducing Recruitment lifecycle: As the resumes of candidates are selected quickly and initial interview rounds are set up effectively, Sniper AI significantly reduces the recruitment lifecycle and its associated inefficiencies. Hence, the AI-driven platform enhances the overall hiring process, which has proven to reduce the hiring time by a whopping 53%.
  • Reduction in Sourcing Cost: By identifying potential candidates from the existing resources, Sniper AI reduces dependency on external sources, resulting in a reduction of the sourcing cost by 37%.

Planning to recruit without bias? Begin with Sniper AI today!

Amidst growing complexities of the recruitment process, especially in the unprecedented times with Covid-19, companies need to leverage technologies driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to address the need of automation with accuracy while selecting candidates based on merit, irrespective of their ethnicity or gender.

Sniper AI is one such AI-driven platform that gives a glimpse into how the future of talent acquisition is going to look like. Sniper AI is immensely trained in recognising and scoring potential candidates based on their personal attributes and the given job requirement, helping organisations to address their talent acquisition problems in a streamlined approach. With constantly evolving global markets requiring diverse talent, Sniper AI paves a new way to eliminate unconscious bias from recruitment practices to empower diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

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