Electric Air Compressors - How and Why They Save Money & Energy

by Haider Ali Content Writer

Compressed air is used to fuel many different industries around the globe and is often called "the fourth utility."

The compressors and pressurized air systems that drive them have the power to save money, fuel businesses and conserve energy. The more data and information you have about your compressed air requirements, both current and future, the better you will be able to help.

Basics of an Air Compressor

An air compressor is a device that converts power from an electric motor or a diesel engine into kinetic energy. It compresses and presses air to create kinetic energy. The air is then released in short bursts or flows to run equipment. These are some of the most common setups:

A piston-driven, reciprocating air compressor has a drive shaft and a cylinder valve head. The connecting rod and piston work together to produce pressurized water.

A rotary-driven air compressor can also be called a rotary screw compressor because the mechanical setup used to create the pressurized atmosphere is two screws rotating in a sealed chamber.

A vacuum pump compressor converts heat by exchanging air within a rotating shaft.

Two elements are essential to an air compressor: pressure and air flow. The most common units of pressure are pounds per square inch (psig) and airflow (cfm) is used to measure it.

Horsepower is a measure of engine-output capability. However, it is only one aspect of an air compressor's operation. Volume and pressure are much more important and will determine how the machine will perform. You want maximum efficiency so you choose the compressor that produces the least horsepower.

When looking for the perfect combination of horsepower, cfm, or psig, take into account the decibel-level ratings available for different compressor models. These ratings range from 64 to 130 dBA and up. A storage tank to hold the pressurized water allows you to rest your compressors more frequently and reduce the chance of them being over-taxed.

Compare Electric to Diesel

The environment will affect your choice of whether to use an electric air compressor or a Diesel air compressor. A lot of outdoor work requires diesel. Many people still have a diesel compressor or access to it in an emergency.

Both electric and diesel have similar power delivery. The biggest advantage of electric air over other models is the savings. A 50-hp electric compressor costs two to four times less than its diesel counterpart. It can produce 185 cfm and has a 27-gallon fuel container. This is because the cost per gallon of diesel fuel as well as the cost per kilowatt electricity can vary from one place to another.


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