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Performance Management system is an approach of a company to achieve their goal. In performance management system; an organization assigns its mission, goal, and objective with the manpower, material etc. In addition, setting their requirements between the different level of company like administration and subordinate, subordinate set targets for workers to improve productivity and company performance is also depend on this as how their employees achieve these targets. In this process of performance management system a company also identifies the efficiency, skills, knowledge their employees have, and if there is a need to improve their skill. Training, coaching and mentoring is provided in different level and destination.

FACTORS of Performance Management System:

  • Planning: First step in performance management system is to create a plan. An effective strategy is needed to make a detailed and efficient plan, which in future is possible to achieve. Plan should be in easy and precise language.
  • Monitoring: The next strategy after making a plan is to monitoring that plan is set as per the goal and it is applied to every level of an organization.
  • Developing: In this stage a strong communication and feedback skill should be developed. Your performance standard should be so clear in your feedback. The employees of your organization have full knowledge that why they do or do not qualify for the rewards such as bonus, promotions, incentives, and rewards.
  • Rating: This step gives a proper review of a performance system is built. It gives the review of the employee performance at different level of the organization your expectation, as supervisor should be clear to make performance management system a success.
  • Rewarding: Last step is rewarding as the motivation of every employee to work for an organization is to get a reward, for what he is doing his work efficiently which he gets in the end. Therefore, the rewarding is the ultimate motivation for an employee.

Benefits of Performance Management System:

  • Consistency: As the selection process of an employee for promotion, transfer and many other actions should become more consistent.
  • Motivation: It is the most important benefit of performance management system, as every employee is encouraged by this process to improve his or her work and performance. By giving them rewards such as bonus, incentives, promotions to realize them that organization reward promotions.
  • Morale and Retention: Morale of an employee should be encouraged by making a pleasant workplace. An increase in their output or hour and by cutting labor cost this make the employee a loyal employee and management gain some valuable employee.
  • Organizational Impact: If the employee is accurately judged and rewarded the employee become loyal to the organization and they grew a sense of responsibly toward an organization. The employer with the efficient evaluation system may have better employees than other organization.
  • Training Needs: They give training to the employees who are lack in efficiency in any level or destination of an organization.
  • Strengthens Relationships and Loyalty: If the employee is motivated and developed good relations then the employee became a loyal employee in an organization.

What is Employee attendance app?

It is a app in Which you can keep a track record of your employee work and time that they spend in an organization or the time they take off. In the very past years when there is no app the organization use to record the employee attendance using paper, spread sheet etc. Now there is an app called employee attendance is applied to get all the detail of an employee. This app tells about the number of employees present, on duty, on leave, on weekends, on medical leave etc. This app can used to monitor head count and manage daily provisions and many more.

Benefits of Employee Attendance App:

  • Manual Tracking is Eliminated: In the past years when there are no such apps, and then the company hires an efficient person to manually maintain and records the accomplishment of an employee .In that case there is utmost possibility of human error. Now this app eliminated the manual tracking, employees get organized with regular attendance, and this helps to save time and energy.
  • Transparency: There must be clarity and transparency in an organization. Uttermost lucidity is expected from the employee of an organizational ideal employment attendance app will ensure clarity and makes sure that there is no deviation.
  • No Error: Human can make errors a machine or a tracking app does not make errors. What is recorded will stays in the app for longer period. No one can change it everyone can see in an attendance sheet.
  • Mobile Tracking: It is easy for the employees to track there working hour directly from there mobile.
  • No Proxy Attendance: It is impossible from an app that there is a case of proxy attendance.

On the contrary, performance management system is for appraising the organization by enhancing it employees and employment attendance app helps to keep a track for their employee both these systems helps the organization to grow and achieve their goals .

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