Drilling Machine: ‘A Power Tool For Drilling Holes’

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Drilling machines are power hand tool for the purpose of drilling, counterboring, reaming and tapping holes. Drills are mostly used to make a hole in metal, wood, wall or in different workpieces used at construction sites. Drilling machine uses drill bits of different shapes and different designs for cutting circular holes in solid materials. This power machine powers the drill bits targeted on the work piece to rotate at the rate from hundreds to thousands of revolution per minute. You can buy drilling machine online choosing from different portals. Always shop trusted brand drilling machines from the top brands like Bosch, Dewalt, STANLEY, Hitachi, Eastman, Tiger, and Yking etc.


Drilling machines available in the market are of different types. From the large sensitive drilling machine to compact size portable drilling machines are easily available to serve the different purpose of drilling with the minimized effort for optimum performance.


Various types of drilling machine available in the market:


Portable drilling machine: As its name sounds, the portable drilling machines are hand operated drilling machine and compact in size to be carried anywhere in the workshop. Hand held drilling machines are operated at a higher speed and can accommodate drill bits of size 12 mm to 18 mm of diameter.


Upright sensitive drilling machine: These machines need a workbench or floor to place and perform a moderate or light duty task. It uses a belt drive spindle head and provided with a number of spindle speeds and feed. They are the hand fed machine and the operator can sense the progress of drilling.


Upright or column drilling machine: Upright drilling machines are larger and heavier in size as compared to an upright sensitive drilling machine and are designed for handling medium sized workpieces. It can drill the hole of diameter up to 50 mm of diameter. The upright drilling machines are further classified into two different types: round column and box column section upright drilling machine. The machine is provided with several spindle speeds ranging from 75 to 3500 revolution per minute.


Radial arm drilling machine: This versatile drill machine is the largest among all other types and is used for drilling the large number of holes. Radial arm drilling machine is one of the most popular types of drilling machine to operate and drill on large workpieces.


Special purpose drilling machine: The special purpose drilling machine is popular because it serves both the small and large drilling task. It is manufactured and designed to fit with the micro drill press, multiple spindle drilling machine, and the turret type drilling machine. With its varying drilling purpose, you can even use it to press 20 drill holes at a time or to press drilling hole of 0.001 of an inch.


If you are shopping drilling machines online, you can check and compare drilling machine price at different portals to get the best deal for you. No matter what drilling machine you choose be it Rotary Drill, Electric Drill Machine Online in India, Wall Drilling Machines, Heavy Duty Drill Machine, Magnetic Drill machine, Speed Hand Drill machine or Hammer Drill machine, it is always important to know how it works so as to make the best use of it with safety and precaution. If you are a beginner, you should read the proper guidelines and perform it under the supervision of an instructor to avoid the risk of getting injured and to get the optimum output. 

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