Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Find the 7 Dragon Balls

by Aida Martin Norton Setup

The newly launched Dragon Ball Z Kakarot permits players of the game the chance to experience the captivating plot and world of Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z again.  It offers gamers the original plot of Dragon Ball Z with a recently developed battle system and visual style inspired by previous franchise name titles.  From the Majin Buu Saga all the way through the Saiyan Saga, the game exemplifies what it means to be in love with the martial arts anime. Giving satisfying and intense boss fights, interesting power-ups, and a substantial open-world adventure that makes Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game a better option for the hard-core and casual fans of the series.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Find the 7 Dragon Balls

Besides that, it would not a Dragon Ball Z name if the so-called items were not incorporated into the gameplay.  As we know, these titular items are hidden all through the big map of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and permit for users to claim rare items or access to prior boss battles for their series. However, this guide will offer the Dragon Balls location. So, do not fret and use the given information to head towards Dragon balls with ease.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near Orange City

In the Southeast Mountain regions of the map, you can easily locate the Orange city. This area is located on the right part of the available map. Once located, make sure to fast travel to Orange City. At the beginning fast travel area, you will need to take a hard left and search for a prominent archway structure.

Once you begin moving towards your left, players will locate a huge archway. Navigate through the magnificent structure and make your path to the nearby big body of water. You will obtain one of the seven Dragon Ball Z in Kakarot inside this lake.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near Lucca Village

In the East Ravine part of the open and vast world of Kakarot, you will easily locate Lucca Village in the game. It is located slightly near the earlier mentioned Orange City.

Once at Lucca Village, players will note the big winding river in the south of the town. Move don the canyon where you will find the river and search at its bank. Potential players will locate a solitary tree near Lucca Village's riverbank.  Here, the Dragon ball is usually found near this tree.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near West City

In West City, players will obtain two Dragon balls near such a famous location. In the game, the West City is a Capsule Corp erected city that is one of the well-known regions along with the home of two Dragon balls.

Once in West city, players will take note of a nearby lighthouse that will be the house of a Dragon Ball in the game. This island has plenty of most elegant trees where such rare items will be found beside. Now, you will find a big mountainous area behind the West city. Find the way to the large landmass, and players will locate a vast plain with lots of several trees. This Dragon ball will be placed near the trees in this location. Usually, it is found near the most central tree in the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near The Blake Bog

Once you reach Blake Bog, players will nearby spot a big land tower. This land tower placed above a number of landmarks in the location, so it won't be very easy to miss. To the land tower, you will need to make a hard right and then climb to its peak point.  Once you arrived there, players can claim another Dragon Ball as your reward.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near The Sacred Land of Kirin

Once you arrived at the Sacred land of Kirin, you can find the dragon ball to the left of the first fast travel area. For that, you will need to make a sharp right and then move speedily to the Scared Land.

Once there, potential users will quickly spot an elevated landmass. However, there is a chance of fighting some opponent, so be prepared to eliminate them in order to acquire one more Dragon Ball as your reward.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Searching Near Lacco Village

At the bottom of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot's map, head towards the prominent Kame House and where you will find the Lacco Village. This dragon ball will typically be on the mountainous island in the region.  Plus, the area is randomly generated, where it is generally available behind a big rock at the edge of the island.

Once acquired, gamers will be rewarded with a number of challenging bosses that they have defeated already or a rare bonus of their actions. Make your best choice and claim the reward of your efforts. At last, it is highly suggested that Dragon Ball location is randomly generated and indeed will not present in the regions provided. So, if you are not able to locate the Dragon Balls instantly, then make sure to search around the area as it may be near than you think.


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