DIY Tutorial: Steps To Install Stone Countertops In Kitchen

by Brittany W. Content Writer

Stone countertops in Denver continue to be popular despite the availability of cheaper materials that can mimic their look and feel. There are many types of stones available in the market, some natural like granite and some engineered like quartz. Their colors and patterns vary depending on the materials they are made of but they are generally strong, durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. You might have a difficult time installing a stone countertop in your kitchen due to its weight and other tools needed for the process. But doing it yourself can help you save some amount on the installation cost.

Tools & Materials To Install Stone Countertops

Tools: Hand-held wet saw with diamond edges, workbench, wet grinding wheel, electric drill, brush, painter’s tape/whiteout pen, measuring tape, caulk gun, face mask, safety glasses, gloves, glue gun, pencil/chalk.

Materials: Stone slabs, caulk, plywood, screws, sealant, sink, silicone, resin, kraft paper/cardboard, cloth

Many shops give you the option to pre-finish the countertops in Fort Collins, based on your measurements. This can help you save time and effort that you would spend on cutting the slabs yourself. You can buy/rent the rest of the materials and tools at a hardware store. Don’t forget to order a drop-in sink if you don’t have one.

Steps To Install Stone Countertops

1) Prep Work

If you plan on renovating the entire kitchen, start with the plumbing, backsplash, flooring and cabinets before moving on to the countertops in Fort Collins. Shut the water supply if you need to install a new faucet.

2) Create Template

Before ordering stone countertops in Denver, create a template as a reference for the entire project. Lay cardboard large enough to cover the top surface of the lower cabinetry and draw the countertop’s layout on it with a pencil or chalk. Make space for the sink and overhang but make sure that the overhangs don’t exceed the surface by more than 1.5 inches else you may need steel braces to support the slabs’ weight. Once the template is ready, double-check it and place your order. You can have the order custom-cut or you can cut it yourself.

3) Cut & Coat Plywood

Some stones may need a plywood board underneath to support their weight. Take a plywood board that’s the same size or larger than the cardboard template and trace the cuts you need to make based on the template before cutting it. Don’t forget the space for the sink. Place the board over the cabins evenly and screw them to it from underneath with the help of an electric drill, leaving a gap of 8-10 inches between each screw. Finally, coat the entire plywood with a sealant to protect it from water damage and let it dry overnight.

4) Dry Fit

If you ordered a custom cut countertop, then dry fit it over the plywood to check if it matches the cutout and have it replaced if it doesn’t. If you ordered unfinished slabs, lay it over the plywood and mark the cuts you need to make with a painter’s tape or white pen.

5) Cut Slabs

If you ordered the slabs uncut, lay them over a workbench cut them with the help of a handheld wet saw just outside the lines to be on the safe side. When you cut the slab meant for the sink, have someone hold it from below. Grind the edges with a wet grinding wheel to create the type of edge you want. Finally, clean the slabs properly with a wet cloth to get rid of the dust.

6) Glue To Plywood

Apply the silicone to the edges of the plywood surface and place the slabs over it to attach them. You may also need to fill the gaps between the slabs if the countertop is made of multiple slabs instead of one piece.

7) Install Sink

Place the sink in the sinkhole to make sure that it fits. Apply caulk along the edges to attach the sink to the hole and fill the gaps in between. Have a plumber connect it to the pipeline and start the water supply.

8) Apply Sealant

Most manufacturers offer treated stone slabs so you may not need to apply sealants. If you need to, apply it all over the surface and let it dry overnight.

Your countertop should now be ready for use.

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