Steps for Installing Quartz Stone on Kitchen Countertops

by Giselle Lobo Writer & Blogger

Quartz has become a homeowners' and designer’s favorite for countertops. Although granite and other natural stones are still used for interior design purposes, people are now shifting to engineered quartz and marble, as these are not only durable but cost-efficient alternatives to other countertops. Durability, versatility, affordability, and not to mention the old-world charm are a few reasons for the growing popularity of quartz.

It requires minimal maintenance and is also one of the robust materials that look fresh and new for years. Coming to the best part, engineered quartz is one of the few materials that can be installed easily on your kitchen countertops, backsplash walls, floors, and nearly any area. All you need is the basic knowledge of stone installation, and you are good to go! In this post, we have mentioned the step-by-step process for installing quartz on your kitchen countertops. So, if you are also planning to DIY the quartz countertop installation, you have come to the right place. Let’s check out the steps for installing these stones.

Select the Color, Type, Thickness, and Design of Quartz

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, selecting the best quartz stone that fits your design theme and preference won’t be easy. Start with the colors. See which colors will work well with your interior theme. Now that you are installing the material on the kitchen countertop select something that either complements the rest of the decor in your kitchen or creates a contrast with the design. Either way, the shades must look good.

A few popular colors for quartz stones include Zodiac White, Zodiac Light Blue, Sandstone Beige, Cristal Gray, Crystal White, and Galaxy White. To explore more options, check out Johnson Marble & Quartz. They have an extensive selection of quartz stones available in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. While selecting the colors, it is equally important to pay attention to the texture and quality of the stone to ensure that the design will complement your interiors and work well with the rest of the design.

Once you are done with the color selection, measure the ideal thickness of the quartz slabs for our kitchen countertops. Just measure the length and dimension of the kitchen top and send these to the manufacturer. They will recommend the most suitable thickness for quartz stones.

Get the Tools and Equipment

Now that you are DIYing the countertop installation, you need to gather the required tools and equipment for the job. Since you need these tools only once, it is better to borrow them from a neighbor or get them for rent instead of buying them. Start with the countertop material. As mentioned above, Johnson Marble & Quartz is your best place to find an exceptional variety of quartz products at reasonable prices. You can also get beige marble for the kitchen floor or countertops.

The engineered marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz is not the usual marble. It’s a sturdy, heat-resistant, and high-quality material, designed to last for years without showing any signs of premature wear and tear. Other tools required for quartz and marble installation include a diamond blade, level, adhesive, wooden shims, painter’s tape, and ledger boards. Depending on the material you are installing and the available space in your kitchen, you might need more tools for quick and seamless installation.

Prepare the Area

The countertop is often the last thing people install in their kitchens. Before starting the installation, check if the cabinets are installed correctly, appliances are functioning smoothly, and the floor has been renewed. As a rule of thumb, your countertop must be installed after you are done with the cabinets, kitchen appliances, floor, backsplash, and the rest of the kitchen walls. It gives you a better idea of how much space is needed for the countertops.

The walls must be dry and painted before you install the countertops. If you have existing countertops, you may need to hire professional contractors to remove them. It must be done carefully so that the cabinets remain intact while the countertop is removed. You must also use the level to ensure that the countertop area is aligned correctly. Then again, you must paint and seal all the drawers near and below the countertop before starting installation.

Dry Place the Quartz

Do not adhere the slabs directly over the cabinets. You must place them dry first to get the right layout. Take one slab at a time and carefully position it on the countertop. You may need the help of a professional for moving quartz slabs, as the material is pretty heavy to be lifted and placed by a single person.

You can order a single piece of quartz or multiple pieces — depending on the type of countertop you are building. If the slab fits the available area correctly, you can start the installation process. If it doesn’t fit properly, you may need to cut the stone from the edges to ensure proper alignment. Mark the area with a marker or a painter’s tape wherever you need to make cuts.

Install Quartz

Start installation around the sink and work your way to another edge of the countertop. Use silicone adhesive beads on the countertop to secure the slabs above the cabinet. These beads must be placed at least 12 inches apart so that they hold the countertop securely. It’s best to order a single large quartz stone or beige marble for the countertop. If, however, you are buying multiple pieces, you need to join them tightly to create a smooth finish. After applying the silicone adhesive, place the countertop material above the cabinets and let them dry overnight or for a few hours before using.

Featuring beautiful designs and a wonderful variety of patterns, quartz, and beige marble are your best options for kitchen countertops and other areas in your interiors. Select quartz stone that blends in well with your interior design and places an order. Follow the above steps for quick installation.

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