Dive Right In: How Swimming Positively Impacts Your Body

by Kevin Smith Author

Water does more than just keeping your body cool during the summer. It's also an excellent way to stay in shape. Having your own pool at home can be convenient for you to exercise regularly and start a healthy lifestyle. But before you contact swimming pool builders in Atlanta, read on to find out how different parts of your body can be strengthened by this sport.



Proper breathing should be practiced to avoid fatigue when engaging in any sport or activity. Because it's done underwater, swimming is the best way to increase oxygen efficiency. You breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale gradually through your lips. This allows your body to release carbon dioxide, which is harmful to your organs.


This sport also helps you to breathe correctly even when you're out of the water. Your lungs will continue to work methodically, ensuring that they'll stay healthy as you age. 



With regulated breathing comes steady beating. It leads to a decrease in your resting heart rate. While any vigorous exercise can do that for you, none can come close to the wonders that swimming offers. Those who regularly take a dip have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They're also more active than those who engage in other sports.


Doing this habitually can reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disorders. This includes coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure.


Muscles and Joints

Water is a more viscous substance than air. When exercising underwater, your body's endurance increases because of the water's current. It's a resistance exercise that poses less risk. In any physical activity on land, your body's weight is transferred to different parts. This puts stress on your joints and bones. But with swimming, there's no gravity to hold you down. It allows you to engage all major muscle groups without worrying about strains or injuries.   


Those with conditions like soreness or arthritis can greatly benefit from this activity. You can also swim to maintain a healthy body.   



Your mental health is just as important as your physical fitness. Your mind plays a critical role in your overall wellbeing. Perfectly functioning heart and lungs boost blood flow and enhance brain function. Neurons that have been damaged or lost can be replaced quickly with excellent circulation. This improves focus, clarity, cognition, and memory.


There are many ways to achieve a good state of mind. Taking a dip can stimulate the production of chemicals that improve your mood and outlook. Levels of anxiety, depression, and stress can be reduced by immersing in soothing waters. Individuals who frequently partake in this activity are reported to be much happier and more motivated than before.  


With all these advantages, who wouldn't want to dive in? Swim right in the comfort of your own backyard at any time without rental or membership fees. Get in touch with swimming pool builders in Atlanta today and take the plunge into a healthier tomorrow.

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