The Negative Impacts of Alcohol On Your Body

by Aiden Goh Author

When it comes to mildly intoxicating substances, alcohol is the one entity that features right atop the pecking order. A bit of alcohol is present in spirits and a bit more in beverages like beers and wines. Whatever be the source of alcohol, this substance slows down the body functions and even is pretty challenging to process. Last but not least, it has harmful physical effects, both in the short and the long run.

While many aspects need attention regarding alcohol rehab in India, it is best advisable first to discuss the effects this substance has on the body. Once the readers understand how negative it impacts the physical state of well-being, they would individually consider rehabilitation, in one form or the other.

Short-term Impact of Alcohol

These effects include the signs which your body starts showing moments after alcohol is consumed. However, the extent of these effects depends on the consumption amount, vitals, and food consumption of the concerned individuals.

Based on these aspects, here are some of the impacts commonly seen:

  1. Intoxication

A short term effect of alcohol consumption is instant intoxication. It involves signs of headache, vomiting, wavering gait, slurred speech, and more. If you are interested in the more scientific insights, sthe effects are determined by the BAC or the ‘Blood Alcohol Concentration’. If your blood has higher concentrations of alcohol, the intoxicating related impact is bound to show up. In addition to that, there is always a risk of sudden blackouts, if you have consumed alcohol on an empty stomach. Other related effects of intoxication include disorderly conduct, sexual promiscuity, and a few more.

  1. Experiencing Toxicity

If you keep drinking alcohol continuously, toxicity is one of the more common physical effects that show up. Also termed as alcohol poisoning, this effect kicks in when the BAC is more than 0.4. The chances of death, in this case, are almost 50 per cent. The aligned signs include seizures, vomiting, blue skin tint, more.


  1. Intolerance

Here is a short-term effect where the body rejects the alcohol due to its inability to process the same. An allergy or insensitivity of sorts mainly causes this effect. Some of the immediate signs include low BP, facial flushing, and more.

Long-Term Effects

While we discussed a fair bit regarding the small-term health impacts of alcohol, you should be much more concerned regarding the long-term side-effects. Besides addiction and withdrawal, the long term effects of constant alcohol consumption include brain damage, cancer, osteoporosis, anxiety, and even nerve damage.


If you are looking for reasons to ditch alcohol immediately, it is best advised to read the points mentioned above. However, if you have made up your mind regarding a credible alcohol rehab in Delhi or even alcohol rehab centre in India, you must immediately start looking for the facilities and the type of treatment plans they offer to the users.

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