Disadvantages of the Python Programming Language

by Shanaya singhania IT Trainer

Python has been continuously serving the software development world and assisting in the creation of some of the finest works since its inception. By now, it is ranked as the most popular and fastest growing language in the world.

Python is said to be a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use language that is used in many organizations for multiple programming projects. It is also known for assisting in automating memory management. Though the language had many advantages, there are some points on which it doesn’t do justice. It had failed to impress on a few occasions, which had resulted in some of its flaws.

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What are the disadvantages of Python?

Although you have read about the various advantages of Python, that it is easy to use and offers a plethora of libraries and frameworks to assist developers, it has certain disadvantages also. Here are a few:

It has a low speed. Though Python is known as an interpreted and dynamically typed language, its execution is slow as each code is typed line-by-line. Its dynamic nature makes it slow as its execution requires some extra work as well. Thus, if a program demands quick and speedy work, Python is not used in such programs or development processes.

Its memory consumption is inefficient. Python is known for eating too much memory while offering a simplicity factor to programmers and developers. This leads to a sudden loss in memory space, which is again not suitable for such programs where memory optimization is the highest preference.

It failed to excel in mobile application programming. Python is best for server-side programming activities. Developers or programmers hardly use it for mobile applications or client-side programming. Of course, the reason is its slow processing power and inefficient memory consumption, which prevents it from meeting the growing demands of mobile application development.

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It fails to interact with the database layer. Coding with Python is easy and completely stress-free, but when it comes to interacting with a database layer, Python doesn’t seem to fulfill the expectations. Its own database layer is somewhat underdeveloped and primitive. Compared to this, the other technologies, such as ODBC and JDBC, have a better and more developed database layer. Most companies will ask for interaction with complex data, which Python cannot handle and thus does not deal with.

It is prone to creating runtime errors. Python is a dynamic language that can easily be changed to a variable data type in no time. It has been observed that a Python variable that has an integer value will carry on with the string value in the future. Thus, when testing is performed on some applications, it tends to create runtime errors. Thus, for any application developed, developers had to perform several testing rounds because of this.

Python is a simple, easy-to-use and dynamic programming language. It is used in several applications and is preferred by most of the big corporate names also. It had both advantages and disadvantages. However, advantages count more than drawbacks. But, that doesn’t have any negative effect on the popularity of the language. It offers so much to the developers and programmers that the negativity vanishes automatically.

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