High-Level Programming Made Easy by Python - an Open Source Programming Language

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We have been learning programming languages quite a few years from now. We have come across so many languages which exhibit different characteristics like highly powerful, easy to compile, general purpose, running everywhere and so on. We haven’t come across any programming language which exhibits all the useful features under its name. Python programming language is the answer for this as it holds all the attributes which are extremely helpful for programmers of this generation. This programming language amazed me with its features. Guido van Rossum is the creator of python who invented it when he was writing an interpreter for the new scripting language he had been thinking about. The name ‘Python’ came from the Monty Python who were a British Surreal comedy group. Python is an open-source programming language. You can build anything with this programming language provided you have right set of tools and libraries.


Python is being extensively used in various fields like :

·         Backend web development

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Scientific computing

·         Social News Networking and so on.


Python is being extensively used by developers to build games, desktop apps, productivity tools. Python is very easy to learn for beginners and it is very friendly. These are some of the reasons that drive the programmers to opt for python and they can’t switch over from python to another programming language. The main motivation behind using python is the fun you get when using it. Building tools and prototypes in python gives you extreme satisfaction as you can build them easily and quickly. Java is being replaced by python at the most popular U.S universities as an introductory language. Python, being a high-level language reads like English which takes-off a lot of stress from the beginners in coding. Python saves the time for beginners by handling most of the complexity involved and allowing them to focus on learning programming concepts without getting worried about other details. Programmers can solve the problems using various methods using python as it introduces flexibility in building the features avoiding hard rules. Even you have a problematic part in your program, you can still compile and run the program until you hit that part. Python has 85.9k followers in stack overflow community which is a Q&A site on programming and python language ranks 5th with 500k questions on it and questions on python get answered quickly when compared with other programming languages. Meet-up is a community where you can acquire knowledge from fellow developers. On, there are more than 1300 python groups with a total of 608k members


Future of Python :


Out of the 100 programming languages featured in TIOBE index, python occupies 4th place. With Bigdata becoming more essential, the demand for python is growing rapidly. Because of the large communities on python, people interested in gaining knowledge on python grew up by 22.1%. As it is an open source programming language, study on python is carried out extensively and new versions are pushed out every year which determines its popularity and ability to withstand for many years to come. In terms of the search conducted on python, it occupies 1st place compared to other programming languages. This determines the standard of python and it has a long way ahead.


Career in Python


The average salary for python programmers is the highest average salary offered in the industry and python is the second most sought after skill. Python developers are having huge opportunities in data scientist role due to huge increase in popularity for bigdata. The most popular sites which are built with python are google, drop box, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Many multi-national corporations like Google, Microsoft, SAP are hiring python developers. Nowadays, many start-up companies are being put up and the people are using python are their primary programming language as it extremely easy to learn and to work on.




Many websites are providing very useful information on Python regarding any enhancements and for beginners, how to learn the language from scratch, through which they can acquire strong basics. Apart from this, many videos and tutorials are also available. I heard somewhere that Python Software Foundation (PSF) is planning for a certification course on Python Training but there is no confirmation as of now. With these many advantages, Python can be termed as a trend setter in the programming language history.











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