Different types of electrical wires and power cable accessories

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Wire and cables are used to describe the same meaning but they are quite dire is basically a single electrical conductor but cable is a group of wires. For indoor and outdoor, proper wire and cable installation is needed for ensuring a smooth electricity supply and further electrical inspection. You should install each wire and cable carefully.

You may get further information about any particular wire from the information that is printed on the wire or from any Cable Accessories Manufacturers UAE.  It will help you to choose the correct wire for your home.

Size of wires

Each and every application needs perfect wire size. Basically the right size is determined with the wire gauze. The common wire sizes are 10, 12 and ,14. Higher number of wire size means small power.

Wire lettering

You may see THHN, THWN, THW and XHHN lettering in the wire. These letters show the following NEC requirements.

T: Thermoplastic insulation
H: Heat resistance
HH: High heat resistance
W: Suitable for wet location
N: Nylon coating
X: Synthetic polymer which is extremely flame resistant.

Types of wires

There are five types of wire such as:

Triplex wires: You can see the use of this wires in any single phase service drop conductors which remain between the power pole and weather heads. These are made of two insulated aluminium wires which is wrapped with a third bare wire.

Main feeder wires: These types of wires connect the service weather head to the house. As per the Cable Accessories Manufacturers UAE, these are basically made with stranded or solid THHN wire and here the cable is installed 25 Percent more than the load required.

Panel feed wires: These are generally black insulated THHN wire which are used for powering the main junction box and circuit breaker panels. As per the Power Cable Accessories manufacturer, here the cable should be rated for more than 20 percent of the actual load.

Non metallic sheathed wires: These wires are used in most of the homes and it has more than 2 conductors. These wires are covered with another type of non metallic sheathing. These are cheaper and preferred for only house wiring.

Single strand wires: It also uses THHN wire and you can also find other variants of it. Here each and every wire is separate and these are considered as the most popular choice for layouts.

Color codes

Different colour wires serve different purpose such as black, red, blue and yellow, white, green and bare copper.

Wire gauge, ampacity and wattage load: For determining the correct wire and Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories you should understand the ampacity and power that a wire and cable can carry per gauge. Wire gauge is the size of wire, ampacity is the amount of current that the wire can take and these are always mentioned on other appliances.

These are all about the different types of wires and their uses. You can get details about it from your nearest manufacturer.

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