Difference between Laminated and Tempered Glass for Pool Fencing

by Mark W. Glass Fencing Sydney
A very crucial decision that has to be taken at the time of getting frameless glass pool fencing Sydney installed is whether to go with laminated glass or the tempered glass. These two options are the most used, but the problem is that most of us fail to understand the differences between them. 

Therefore, we have come up with a post, where we will be discussing both these options, their differences and which one is ideal and why for these projects around the swimming pool.


If you own a vehicle, you would be probably aware of this glass that is used in windows of vehicles these days. This is a strong, resilient glass and the top feature is that rather than breaking in bigger pieces, it breaks into really small, pebble-sized pieces thereby not hurting anyone present there in the scene. 

Yes, but this is also a problem to be concerned about because cracking is not the option at all because it will only break or get shattered in thousands of small pieces. According to the experts, this glass of more than 5 times stronger than the glass that we use in our glass, cups, jars, bowls, etc. 

In terms of frameless pool fencing Sydney, it becomes important that this glass is used because of safety reasons as well as the robustness that this glass has. Imagine a wide panel of 4 feet in dimensions falling down, how much damage it’s going to cause to the area or anyone present there in the scene. 

Now, if its tempered glass in place of normal glass, it will break into thousands of tiny pieces and this is a guarantee that it will not cause any harm to anyone or anything.


The tempering process begins with heating the glass on a very high temperature of around 1100 degrees Fahrenheit and then, it is cooled down immediately and because of this, tempered glass comes into existence. 

All the process takes place in an oven that has forced air ducts for rapid cooling. Once the glass has been tempered, the main thing to note is that the glass cannot be cut or resized because in that case, the glass would again shatter or break into pieces.


On the other hand, there is laminated glass that is considered as the strongest and the safest glass available in the markets for frameless glass fencing Sydney. 

People who are using swimming pool fences or balconies must be familiar with this kind of glass. The front windshield and the back panel of glass of almost all the cars are made using this laminated glass.

The strength of laminated glass comes from the fact that it is made from 2 tempered glass panels as both of them are bonded together with an interlayer. The benefit of this interlayering is that even if one layer of this tempered glass shatters, another layer would stay intact. 

For manufacturing this kind of glass, two different interlayering methods are used and the names are – Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Sentry Glass Plus (SGP).

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