Did You Know You Can Eliminate Pesticides with Artificial Turf?

by DGA Greens Golf Course Design & Artificial Landscaping

Are you using pesticides for your lawn? If yes, then you must understand the harmful effects associated with pesticide treatment which could make your lawn much less inviting than it may look. Lawn care pesticides and chemicals which are effective at killing weeds and insects are toxic which may cause health issues for you and your family. Poisons are usually absorbed through the skin, by the mouth, vapors or dusts. Application of such harmful chemicals in the lawn area where your children and pets play can severely affect their health and put them at a higher risk.

Children are often more exposed to fertilizers and pesticides than are adult as they crawl on the floors where hazardous powder usually settles. These chemicals on the floor remain active from a month to over a year. Breathing these vapors even from neighbor’s yards or while playing on or mowing contaminated grass, can cause illness.

It is over the past few years that the homeowners have become quite aware of the harmful effects of using chemicals and pesticides in their yard. This has stimulated the home buyers to find out less harmful solutions to care for their yard and for their loved ones.

It’s time to get off the natural grass and prefer installing artificial turf over grass that cost you a bomb.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is much more durable and doesn’t require treatment with pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover, with artificial grass, your children can play all the time as it allows a broader access. Also, the problem of fall rains which result in cancellation of several game plans is eliminated.

Getting installed artificial turf is a step in the right direction. Eliminate the harmful treatment of pesticides and welcome much better artificial turf, which has not only lower maintenance costs, but also guarantees a safe area for your kids without pests. So, bid goodbyes to insecticides and give some rest to yourself – no mowing, no watering, no muddy paws of your pets. A simple hose down is all you need to do to keep your lawn clean and healthy.

Not just this, the artificial turf comes with a padding which is extremely safe for your kids. Unlike grass that gets torn up by rough play, artificial turf is a great solution which allows even surface to play in.

Finals words

For the ones who live in areas where the environment is particularly hostile to natural grass, artificial grass can be a great solution. With artificial grass you can free your time from gardening and do what you love to in your beautiful yard. Artificial turf installation will lead to a healthy, vigorous lawn which resists pests and disease.A safe solution for you and your family!

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