Deep Freeze an ideal alternative for Windows SteadyState

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A number of users on public access computers accidentally download faulty malwares and viruses through clickbait e-mails. Getting rid of pop-up icons often leads to virus downloads as well. It is imperative that businesses enable an effective system restore software in place, one that helps them deal with such malware and acts as a troubleshooter. Such issues could be resolved by Windows SteadyState before. However, with the software being discontinued, there is a need for an even more robust alternative.


Accidental virus download can often lead to configuration changes in your OS, uninstallation of critical applications, and installation of unwarranted applications. Without a formidable solution, organizations end up losing a lot of time and effort to deal with IT glitches. Such IT issues are commonplace and investing massive hours and resources behind mitigating them isn’t the ideal way out. This is where Deep Freeze, a Windows SteadyState alternative, comes for rescue.


Relied on Windows SteadyState so far? Switch to Deep Freeze

Fixing IT issues quickly and ensuring that your organization benefits from reduced IT issues called for a software like Windows SteadyState. It was a freeware tool being offered by Microsoft. However, Windows SteadyState did not work on Windows OS released after Windows 7. Windows SteadyState worked only on 32-bits Operating Systems. Due to its non-functionality in 64-bits OS, a replacement was in huge demand for organizations heavily relying on public access computers.


Educational institutions used to rely heavily on Windows SteadyState, especially for their libraries. Public access computers face downtime issues because of multiple users relying on them every single day. Windows SteadyState used to be a go-to solution. However, most of the modern day workstation have either Windows 7 or a version higher. Thus, the need for a Windows SteadyState alternative with better capabilities arises. This is why organizations across the globe trust Deep Freeze as the next-generation replacement for Windows SteadyState.

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Deep Freeze: The ideal Windows SteadyState alternative

Deep Freeze is an instant system recovery software for Windows, Mac and servers with patented reboot to restore technology. With a simple reboot, you can restore your system back to a desired baseline configuration.Therefore, configuration changes by users on public access computers, malicious malware activity, unwanted software installations, and system drift issues, all can be dealt with a simple reboot. Faronics Deep Freeze, is a superior alternative to Windows SteadyState which helps you deal with your IT issues without calling in professionals, or troubleshooting, or executing the cumbersome snapshot process, or re-imaging for that matter.

Deep Freeze does not interfere with your system’s performance. This replacement to Windows SteadyState can be managed through an enterprise console. On integrating this software with Faronics Anti-Virus, you will have a foolproof workstation protection solution suite for your enterprise. Deep Freeze is an ideal Reboot to Restore technology for business centers, public libraries, computer labs, and other public access computers. So, if you have been relying on Windows SteadyState so far, Deep Freeze can enable better workstation protection with it’s robust features for all versions of Windows.

Why Deep Freeze?

Deep Freeze is not just a replacement of Windows SteadyState. It brings additional benefits along with it for your organization.:

Reduce IT Tickets by 63% - Deep Freeze ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart and users have reported an average reduction of 63% in IT tickets.

Completely Non-Restrictive - This Windows SteadyState alternative provide users with unrestricted access while preventing permanent configuration changes.

Prevent Configuration Drift - Deep Freeze prevent computers from drifting away from their baseline configurations while still allowing users to save their work.

Eliminate Zero-day Threats - Deep Freeze provides a simple and effective way to clear all malicious changes to your system, including zero-day threats.

Achieve License Compliance - This Windows SteadyState replacement removes all the software which are installed without your authorization with a single reboot, helping your organization achieve license compliance.

Deep Freeze, developed by Faronics is your go-to workstation protection solution. This Windows SteadyState alternative provides 100% workstation availability for multi-user environments. Deep Freeze resolves all system related IT issues with a quick reboot without always involving the IT support teams. Thus, increases organization’s productivity and reduces endpoint maintenance costs.

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