Top 5 Mac Restore Software for fixing system issues with ease

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Mac users need the right restoration solution to avoid any kind of disruption at work. While Apple has its own inbuilt solution to backup and restore Mac, a few effective third-party solutions are also available in the market. Here is a brief description of the top 5 easy-to-use Mac restore software.

Mac is one of the most widely used devices today with its usage showing little signs of going down. Like most Apple devices, Mac also has a loyal customer base owing to its high-end and user-centric features. However, that does not exempt the device from the ill-effects of unwanted changes and errors. Users need to have relevant solutions at their disposal to avert or minimize the consequence of both system malfunctions or data loss. That being said, there are quite a few sophisticated and user-friendly Mac restore software available:

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Mac restore software that helps in fixing system issues with ease:

1. Time Machine for Mac

Time Machine is a backup software. It comes as an embedded program with all macOS devices. All features of this backup tool are available for free. Time Machine requires a separate storage drive to backup data. It is compatible with Apple’s Time Capsule and macOS Server. Besides, users can also use an external hard drive that connects to a USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, or AirPort Extreme Base Station. Individual users need Time Capsule or an external drive, while enterprise customers prefer macOS Server so that they can backup multiple devices in their network. Time Machine allows the use of multiple storage drives on one computer. For instance, users can use separate drives at home and at office respectively.

When a storage drive is connected for the first time, Time Machine asks users whether they want the drive to be used for backup. Once users agree, this Mac restore software starts backing-up the entire hard disk content automatically. Hourly backups are created for the last 24 hours while daily backups are created for the past 30 days. Weekly backups, on the other hand, are available for the rest of the past. Therefore, at any given point, users have hourly backups for the past day, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for the rest of the months (or years).

The number of backups that Time Machine saves depends upon the capacity of the storage drive. The backup is created only of those elements that have undergone a change since the last backup which makes this Mac restore tool a memory-efficient solution. For the same reason, the first backup typically takes a long time as it creates a copy of all the elements on the hard disk. But the subsequent ones consume lesser time since only the changed elements are saved afresh. Users have the option to create a backup manually as well.

2. Disk Drill Basic

Disk Drill Basic is a free data recovery application for Mac OS X. It is a product of CleverFiles and comes with a number of advanced and user-oriented features such as Recovery Vault, Guaranteed Recovery, Emergency Recovery Boot Drive, Duplicate File Finder, file preview, boot disk creation, and lost partition restoration. Hence, this Mac restore software not only minimizes the chances of permanent data loss but also offers various restoration capabilities.

The Recovery Vault feature of Disk Drill Basic serves as an additional layer to Trash Bin to keep track of the deleted data. On the other hand, the Guaranteed Recovery feature constantly creates a backup of each and every file and saves them inside a user-specified location. Disk Drill Basic also allows users to restore entire partitions that are deleted accidentally or during formatting. Users can create boot disks using this Mac restore software or use the handy Emergency Recovery Boot Drive to resolve issues. The preview option comes in handy at the time of recovery as users can see the details of the elements before restoring them. This reduces the scope of redundancy and saves users from extra work. Besides, Duplicate File Finder further optimizes both storage and backup capacity.

Disk Drill Basic is compatible with a wide range of storage drives — internal storage, external hard drives, SSD drives, and USB drives. Besides, this Mac restore software also works with various iOS and Android devices that are compatible with Mac. Disk Drill Basic also supports byte-for-byte cloning of a device or a partition allowing users to restore Mac using image files without any risk to the original storage.

Disk Drill also has a premium Pro version which offers a free upgrade to newer versions for the lifetime.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard also supports a wide range of devices for data recovery. In addition to Macs, EaseUs is also compatible with digital cameras, SD cards, USB drives, memory cards, and external hard drives. Besides, FAT/FAT32 file systems and internal HFS+ drives are also within the scope of this Mac restore software. Users can recover documents, music, videos, and images in the most common file formats. It is an easy-to-use software for recovering files that are deleted accidentally or unintentionally.

The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers only 200 MB of backup capacity. However, it is also available in Pro and unlimited editions.

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The scope of MiniTool Power Data Recovery encompasses documents, photos, videos, music, emails, and other types of files and data. The software supports Mac as well as common external storage devices.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery has four recovery options:
  • Undelete Recovery is helpful in restoring files that are deleted unintentionally or accidentally.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery is useful in recovering lost data due to damaged partition or similar reasons. 
  • The Lost Partition Recovery feature can restore entire partitions accidentally deleted or lost otherwise.
  • Digital Media Recovery is meant for restoring multimedia files from external storage drives.

A Reboot to Restore software is apt for maintaining the desired state of Macs, totally eliminating the need for lengthy backup and restoration processes. Software based on Reboot to Restore technology prevent Mac configuration and the data stored in the device from all unwanted alterations. When this software is installed, it freezes the existing system state as the baseline configuration. When the device is restarted or switched on after shutdown, the software discards all changes made during the session and restores the baseline configuration.

A Reboot to Restore software redirects the changes and data generated during user sessions to a temporary space. This temporary space is no longer reference once the device is rebooted. As a result, the original configuration remains immune to malware infiltrations as well as any undesired impact of user activities. And everytime the device is restarted, the safe configuration of the device is restored. Since Reboot to Restore software automatically creates a baseline, it should be installed when the device is in a clean and desired state so that the software can save it as the baseline.

For storing user data across reboots, a feature-rich Reboot to Restore software allows users to create virtual storage space within its ecosystem. All the files stored within this virtual storage is retained by the software across reboots. Another provision is to exempt one or more partitions from the scope of its restoration functionality. As a result, only the partitions that are under the purview of the Reboot to Restore software are reverted to secured state and rest are allowed to retain user data and downloaded files. Some Reboot to Restore software comes with additional capabilities such as scheduled maintenance, auto OS and driver update, remote access, input device control, and so on. Therefore, an effective Reboot and Restore Macs’ desired state but also assists in better management and maintenance of the device.

The Mac restore solutions mentioned above are among the most effective ones available in the market. However, their functionality slightly differs per their intended scope of usage. The users can compare these options to select the one that most suits their requirement.

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