Date Ideas to Get Yourself Through Isolation

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The COVID-19 has swept across the planet and is spreading at a break-neck pace. Countries are doing all they can to stop the spread of this deadly virus. With borders shutting down, shops closing down and international travel being banned, this is going to be a lock-down. This voluntary social distancing means you will have to maintain some distance from everyone you love. While lying low can help you save lives and must be mandatory, where does that lead your special one? What happens to your special one whom you used to take out and gift with flowers? How do you make sure your relationship stays strong throughout this ordeal. We need people the most when times are difficult like now, and so this is a great time to strengthen your relationship. Here's a look at how. 


How to Adjust and Compromise

If you are stuck in-doors with your special one for long periods, things might not always be smooth. You will get into more fights and get on each other's nerves, and get stressed out as a result of this. But, you need to understand that this is normal and perfectly fine because it happens to everyone. You might need to take some time off and return to your respective rooms for a while to cool off. You might need to take a step back and reevaluate what happened to figure out what went wrong. But, as long as you go back into their room, give them some flowers or make them some coffee, it is all good. Fighting is normal, as long as you try to make it work afterwards!


Discuss what needs to be done when things get heated. Maybe set up a signal that tells the other person that it is better they go back to their rooms. All of this will help you avoid significant fights and scream-fests. Later, once you have cooled down, approach the situation and then analyse it to work your way through the problem. Apologize if you have done something wrong. Get them some flowers or bake them a cake as a peace offering.


How to Date While in Social Distancing Mode

While most people who are in long-distance relationships will know how to cross this bridge, others might not. In case you are in an LDR that appears to be failing, check out our article on the same to help you get over your slump. (Insert link once the article is published to help with internal links for SEO) For the rest of you who are used to whisking your partner away to a fancy restaurant or happening social gatherings, this may be a tough phase. However, online flower delivery services and gift delivery services will help you out. While you might not be able to be physically there for them, you can show them you care and love them just the same by sending them some flowers. 


Another idea you can try out is setting up a date via FaceTime or Google Duo. Dress up like you were going out, cook a meal for one, set up a table and sit across your laptop and enjoy the meal together digitally. Such an exercise will be a unique experience that will help you bridge the gap you are feeling in such tough times. 


Entertain Yourselves

Look for things that both of you can still do together. This includes watching a show on Netflix together, reading the same book at the same time or even online games. Social distancing allows you to explore new ways to spend time together. You can also try going old school and pen them a beautiful letter and send it via email if you can't step out. Confess your feelings and pen down all your top memories together to create a moving message that is sure to remind your loved one of your love for them. Also, use this time to create a crazy adventure list for all the things you will do once this quarantine ends.


Online Delivery Services

Now is an excellent time to make use of online delivery services to keep your relationship alive. Order snacks for your loved one and get them delivered to make sure they eat. Send them flowers online to patch up after an argument. Send them a cake if you think they are having a bad day, or to lighten up their mood. Use such systems to ensure your partner that they are still your top priority. Not only does this show them you love them, but it also assures them that you are still on their minds. In case you are in Pune, hit us up to help you in delivering flowers to your loved one efficiently and with ease.

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