Custom Metal Fabrication Projects with Precise Specifications and Perfect Delivery

by Patrick Duncan Marketing Manager

Custom metal fabrication has found wide uses in a variety of applications including structural and architectural projects, medical equipment, bridges, medical equipment, intricate telecommunications systems, consumer durables and even the manufacturing of toys. Every custom metal fabrication in Brisbane begins with research and assessment of the appropriate materials and methods to cost-effectively produce each unique fabrication design that delivers long-term value. Custom metal fabrication often involves the use of CAD utilities, like Autodesk Fusion 360 and Dassault System Solidworks, which allows the metal fabricators to create features that correlate with physical sheet metal manufacturing processes like bending and stamping.

Sheet metal components are required to be joined together by metal manufacturers with the help of a welding process. This is when heat is applied to melt a section of the metal where it joins with another component, and then fused to form a solid connection.

Plasma and laser cutters

High-definition plasma and lasers can be cut into custom shapes, such as circles or complex curves and often operated with computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Plasma tables are often used for carving circular holes or complex shapes out of thick metal plates. Laser cutting machines are used by metal fabricators to obtain extremely clean and precise cuts in almost any type of metal, be it steel, aluminium, copper, brass, or wire which makes it possible to create intricate shapes for custom metal fabrication in Brisbane.

Press brakes

Industrial press brake machines are used by metal manufacturers to bend and form metal using high pressure and metal dies. The metal fabricators use convex and concave dies to shape the metal. Powerful hydraulic and mechanical force moves the convex die mounted above the press brake towards the concave die mounted below it, forcing the metal into it and bending it into the desired shape and angle.

Choosing the right machinery is important

In every workplace and household, metal plays a major role in how people operate and go about their lives. Structural metal is a metal stock that comes already formed into a particular shape, which is usually defined by its cross-section, such as channels, beams, angles, and hollow structural shapes or HSS. Other metals of HSS profile include rectangular, squire and elliptical. Forming of metal may require bending, plate and angle rolling, or punching it. It is critical for the metal fabricators to select the right machinery for this purpose. The success of any metal forming process depends on the machinery selected for this purpose by the metal manufacturers. These machines include plate rolling and angle rolling machines, mechanical and CNC hydraulic press brakes, beam punches and CNC punching machines, and multi-functional ironworkers for punching, bending, and shearing.

Precise specifications and processes in custom fabrication

Custom metal fabrication in Brisbane begins with AutoCAD files, ProNest or MTC Shape Cutting, or even an old-fashioned hand-drawn plan. With the right engineering expertise, the metal fabricators and metal manufacturers can ensure that your project meets every specification that you require for your custom metal fabrication in Brisbane.

Being full-service custom metal fabricators, Brisbane Metal Products can work with you on your custom metal fabrication projects, even on the most complex designs. Brisbane Metal Products can refine and test the design as per industry-specific design regulations and identify the required components. Brisbane Metal Products has certified welders, metal fabricators and metal manufacturers and follows a documented Quality Control (QC) process to meet all your requirements related to custom metal fabrication in Brisbane. All assemblies and subassemblies are tested together to ensure that the fabrication project goes ahead as intended. The entire assembly process is photographed by the metal fabricators at Brisbane Metal Products and also documented as part of its structured QC program.

A custom metal fabricator with over 50 years of experience

Brisbane Metal Products is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, tools , and technical know-how to meet the specific requirements of custom metal fabrication in Brisbane. With over 50 years of custom metal fabrication experience, this trusted metal fabricator has the capabilities to meet your custom metal fabrication requirements.  

From surface preparation to final finishing, Brisbane Metal Products has the capabilities to extend the life of custom metal fabrication in Brisbane, for the most tangible return on your project investment. Though Brisbane-based, Brisbane Metal Products has Australia-wide distribution capabilities. Large fabrications are shipped with large subassemblies that can be assembled quickly onsite. This custom assembly process helps in significantly reducing project timelines and labour expenses. Industries served by Brisbane Metal Products include aerospace, construction, automotive and transportation, industrial and consumer electronics, architecture, railways, military, HVAC industry, and more.

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