Optimised Sheet Metal Design for More Functional Parts and Improved Cost

by Patrick Duncan Marketing Manager

Due to its many industrial and commercial applications, the demand for custom metal fabrication is increasing across industries including structural and architectural projects, medical equipment, telecommunications, commercial and residential projects, and in many other sectors.

Sheet metal is derived from a common raw material, usually varying in thickness or gauge between 0.006 and 0.25 inches. Custom sheet metal fabrication can be done on a variety of metals including steel, iron, bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, and others. Custom metal fabrication includes deforming the sheet by stretching the material to different angles to obtain the desired contours and shapes.  It is achieved by different types of forming or cutting operation. In the forming process, the material is deformed, bent or stretched into the desired shape or finished product. In cutting, a shearing force is applied to cut away and separate sections of the material to the desired component. The shearing force needed to cut the metal is obtained through various techniques such as plasma, waterjet, heat, or abrasion.

Laser cutting technique is used by sheet metal fabrication services for complicated shapes that cannot be achieved by the metal expansion process. It is used to make a smooth cut. Laser cutting places less physical stress on the material surrounding the hole, so the workpiece remains considerably stronger.

Stretching the sheet without loss of metal

Normally, open space is created in a metal sheet by cutting holes into it with a CNC punch or laser. However, the new custom metal fabrication Brisbane techniques used by Brisbane Metal Products (BMP) include the use of an expanding machine that stretches out the metal with holes created by a knife. These holes do not represent the lost metal, as these are created when the sheet metal stretches around the expansion machine’s knife. The CNC press brake is used in sheet metal fabrication processes to achieve bends of any desired angle.

Optimised sheet metal design

Optimised sheet metal design is an important aspect of metal fabrication Brisbane that results in an improved cost to useful life ratio for the metal used. Optimised design in sheet metal fabrication Brisbane ensures that the products are highly durable, and you continue to obtain value for money for years. It allows for adding more support to a shell design, providing the metal capability to handle heavy loads. The fabricator is also saved from the hassles of building, testing, and shipping multiple physical prototypes if the design fails to pass the Autodesk simulation. It will be sent back to the drawing-room to address the cause of the failure.

Applications of optimised sheet metal design

Optimised sheet metal design allows laser, punching and bending machines to reach their full potential while saving on material, effort, and cost. An optimised axis stop can be conveniently produced out of a welded construction with a semi-finished product and milled parts. Another example of optimised sheet metal design is an optimised shock absorber bracket which is a light bending part that consists of a sheet metal part with three bends, and not milled from one block. Sheet metal fixture design guarantees quality and more reliable processes during laser welding. These are also economically superior to the conventionally milled fixtures as they have lower manufacturing cost and weight. The fixtures allow for additional functions to be integrated, and enhances the heat dissipation by the fabricated part.

Finished products to your specifications with tight tolerance

The process for custom sheet metal fabrication Brisbane requires precision and accuracy, performed by skilled craftsmen. It requires advanced knowledge of fabrication technology and the properties of metals. Brisbane Metal Products has the latest equipment in its fab shop to produce prototypes and finished products as per the exact specifications and tight tolerances of your project. BMP uses state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, robotics, and automation techniques for its sheet metal fabrication processes to provide you the products to your exact specifications. The leading Brisbane fabricator has the capabilities and highly skilled technicians to produce the prototype or product you need using a variety of materials. Each custom metal fabrication process at BMP goes through extensive quality checks to ensure precision and accuracy.

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