Controlling and managing termites, silent property destroyers of Gold Coast

by Shawn Morris Termicide Pest Control

Termites are small, soft bodied insects feeding on wood, dead plant and living in large colonies. They can a source of severe worry for house owners, as their presence can’t be felt till it is quite late when they have infested to the core and severely damages the property.

Termites can cause damage to the tune of billions of money every year. This pests feast not only on wood, but also papers, insulation, books and other construction articles. Generally these insects feed on plants which are already on decline but has the capacity to injure livings plants and trees.

Termites have different species, each having unique behavior and capacity to cause damage and Scientists have categorized termites mainly into three categories:

·         Drywood Termites - This species generally live in hardwood floor, dead trees, and structural timbers.

·   Subterranean Termites – These species build their nests connected to food source via mud tube, and is responsible for majority of damage investors incur.

·     Dampwood Termites – These termites live in moisture laden woods, and generally don’t require contact with soil. They avoid houses and any man made buildings, as the woods here doesn’t contain enough moisture for them to thrive.

Property owners worldwide has a reason to worry about termite infestation, due to the extent of damage it causes, thus prompting house owners to take preventive steps, or control them.  Termites Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland has trained professionals to handle these pests properly. Professional service for termites management is available worldwide, including the above mentioned places.

How one do knows if one has termites in house?

The very first step towards termite treatment is to be aware of its presence but this is a very tricky thing to do. Termites rarely come out of their colonies, until the damage has been done to large extent, sometimes only a thin exterior layer is only left. Most of the times people become aware on seeing a swarm of termites.

·  One can become aware of presence of termite by examining an exposed piece of wood for hollow places.

·    By keeping a keen vigil for swarms of termite.

Ways to prevent termite infestation:

Prevention of termites can be started during construction only, by making foundation concrete and maintaining a gap between soil and foundation. Open wooden surfaces needs to be sealed to protect from the pests.

Treatment Methods

·         Chemical Treatment

·         Non Chemical Treatment

·         Conventional Barrier Treatment

·         Termite Treatment

·         Wood Treatment

To fight Termites, silent property destroyer of Gold Coast, online search yields many results of Termite Management Gold Coast, who have highly trained technicians and professionals to manage and control termites. Termite prevention is manageable than controlling active infestation.

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