Concox Smart Ranching: A Complete Guide to Livestock GPS Tracking

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager


With the increase of purchasing power, the demand for GPS locators for cattle and sheep continues to rise. Whether at home or abroad, the gap between supply and demand of global livestock products is growing (especially in developing regions), while the level of productivity is declining. To address this problem, ranchers around the world are choosing to integrate livestock tracking and management systems into their ranches.

Internet of Things+livestock GPS Tracking to Improve Productivity


The adoption of GPS locator for cattle and sheep and animal husbandry management system can not only help ranchers, herdsmen and animal husbandry bureaus to cope with the growing global demand, but also ensure the productivity, safety and health of livestock with the expansion of herd size. What makes the cattle and sheep locator so powerful? “Internet of Things” is a worthy contributor. By reducing manpower and providing equipment and platforms to improve pasture management, pasture efficiency and productivity will eventually be improved.

In many cities where animal husbandry is the main economic source, animal husbandry is facing many risks. Ranchers and Animal Husbandry Bureau all realize that effective monitoring and management are indispensable to improve reproduction, disease, theft and loss. In the southwestern United States, ranches can accommodate up to 7,000 cows and cover an area of about 10,000 to 20,000 hectares. Some even cover 90,000 hectares. Therefore, it is very difficult to find out not only the location of each animal but also its health and water supply. Not only that, but many domestic ranches are also facing many problems, such as loose breeding loss, beef cattle production and quality decline. RFID ear tags can no longer meet the current development difficulties of animal husbandry.

Smart Ranch: Internet of GPS Eartag


RFID electronic ear tag uses RFID technology to identify animals individually as animal identification cards, but cannot transmit geographic location and other sensor data to the server. On the contrary, besides positioning, GPS ear tags for cattle and sheep can use motion sensors and environmental sensors to uniformly upload the collected data to a platform or APP by communication modules (GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa) and the like. More advanced medical sensors can even record the heart rate and body temperature of animals, and customize health plans according to the physical state of each animal, thus reducing costs.

Concox Smart Ranching Solutions

At present, there are many problems in the management of livestock breeding. For example, animals are lost or stolen frequently, population degradation is getting severe as a result of inbreeding, overgrazing leads to grass degradation.

To facilitate the herdsmen and Bureau of Animal Husbandry’s management to the animal, Concox put forward the Smart Ranching to realize animal breeding management through the NB-IoT+LoRa+2G network technology.

Concox smart collar, tail tag, ear tag are equipped with solar energy and large-capacity batteries. The devices have a low power consumption design and have a long standby time of up to three years. It not only supports Beidou +GPS+LBS and Bluetooth assisted positioning but also has a waterproof rating of IP67. Within 1 meter of water depth, the equipment is given 30 minutes of protection time. At the same time, it supports a variety of alarms such as outlier alarm, low-power alarm, fence alarm and static alarm. Through the AMS terminal system management platform, it can also easily upgrade intelligent hardware over the air.

Besides, Smart Ranching uses the IoT PaaS platform as the core to obtain data through the smart device. The data will be displayed on the APP(for herdsman and for animal husbandry bureau) and the animal husbandry comprehensive management platform. Using an accurate algorithm for classification statistics, it is easy to view and manage.

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