Colon Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India is the most desirable choice for global patients



Before we talk about the Colon Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India, we need to get an overview about the same. We know the fact that this dreaded disease is common in both the males and the females and as per reports, there around one million patients alone in the US who are affected with this menace. Similar is the story in other developed countries and the same report suggest that there have been 655,000 deaths worldwide on an annual basis. The colon cancer is also called the colorectal cancer and can be treated with low cost colon cancer surgery India. As it comes with high quality, more and more global patients are heading to Indian hospitals to avail the number of colon cancer surgery advantages India.

Benefits of colon cancer surgery

colon cancer

One of the vital benefits of the colon cancer treatment and surgery in India is that you get rid of the dreaded disease once for all provided you get it done at the best place. You may be hospitalized after the surgery for few days but once the doctor is happy and pleased with the results after monitoring you well he or she would discharge you to avail the benefit of getting a new life once again. However, to avail the maximum amount of colon cancer surgery advantages India, you are supposed to act as per the doctor’s direction with having liquid food while the post-surgery pain would go down with the time and proper pain management medication that are given orally or other ways.       


There are different colon cancer treatment and surgery in India that can be carried out for the patient depending upon the cancer stage, the general health of the patient and other things. The following are the three types of procedure carried out for the Colon Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India, for the patient:

  • Surgery – Is among the most common types of treatment option that can be carried out to get rid of the same at all the stages of colon cancer. The surgeon removes cancer with the colon surgery once for all.
  • Chemotherapy – is a common treatment, which employs the use of certain drugs to hampers the growth of cancer cells by either killing the cells or by preventing them from dividing. This can be carried out along with surgery and other procedure as well depending upon the requirement and medical conditions.
  • Radiation Therapy – this treatment option employs powerful energy source (X-rays), to kill the cancer cells that has failed to get treated after the surgery. This help in shrinking the large size tumors before the surgery that helps in removing the same easily.

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How much can a colon cancer surgery cost in India?          

When it comes to the cost of the Colon Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India, it happens to be very much affordable when we compare the same with the cost of the US and the UK based hospitals. The low cost colon cancer surgery India is primarily due to the huge currency value difference that comes to around 60 to 80 percent making a huge difference. Well if you check the cost of the treatment for colon cancer in India it comes to around 5500 USD, while the same treatment in the US can be carried out at the cost of around 12000 USD. Hence you can imagine the difference. This is one of the key colon cancer surgery advantages India that bring in the global patients far and wide.


The Colon Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India can be a big boon to the global patients in many ways as they know they get high quality healthcare services with affordable cost. However, this is only possible when you have top medical tourism company like Forerunners Healthcare Group. It offers the high quality and low cost colon cancer surgery India, which attract global patients all around the world.

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