Causes of Throbbing Tooth Pain and What you Could Do

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
Any kind of tooth pain indicates that you might have damagedtooth. Some of the most common reasons for tooth pain are tooth decay, cavities, and infections in the tooth or gums. A toothache brings with it a continuous dull ache, increased pain on eating something sweet, severe pain on biting, continuous tingling sensation (known as sensitivity), tenderness in the mouth, swelling of gums, bad smell from the mouth, an ache in the jaws, bad taste in the mouth and even fever.

Toothache can happen to anyone, be it adults or children. You should consult a Private Dentist Near Me if you notice any of the above signs or symptoms. The dentist is most likely to prescribe you a dental X-ray after examining you to determine the exact cause of tooth pain.

Read along about the 4 most probable causes of throbbing tooth pain
1. Tooth decay

Cavities or tooth decay is the most common reason for pain in the tooth. It happens when bacteria eat through the enamel- the hard, outer layer of the teeth. Tooth decay looks like small white/ brown/ black spots on the teeth.Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, bacteria are very much part of a perfectly normal mouth and good body health. But it gets harmful when there are too many bad bacteria depositing on the teeth due to the consumption of too much sugar or unhealthy food. Some bad bacteria form plaque that would stick to your teeth. Some others generate acid that creates holes in the teeth, called cavities. 
Treatment-Chetan Morjaria Dentist from The Mindful dentist team would easily be able to fix such cavities in the teeth. He would first clean the teeth to get rid of the plaque, then fill the cavity and put you on mild antibiotics for a few days to clear up the infection.
2. Tooth abscess

An abscess is a pocket of pus. A tooth abscess occurs when the pulp of the tooth dies. Such pus causing bacteria causes infection or inflammation of the tooth resulting in throbbing pain. A tooth abscess can also happen when a damaged tooth is not treated on time. 

Treatment-A dentist would first prescribe you antibiotics to kill the infection-causing bacteria. Then he would surgically clean out the abscess. A tooth abscess could also lead you to a root canal treatment if the cause of the abscess formation is a decayed or a cracked tooth.
3. Fracture in the tooth
Just like a fracture in the bones, a fracture in the tooth means a crack or split in the tooth. Tooth fractures can happen due to an accidental fall, or by biting on something hard like ice. Sometimes tooth fractures even develop slowly over time. Due to the fracture, things can get inside the tooth and irritate it, or infect the pulp/ nerves and cause pain. 

Treatment- Just search for a private dentist near me. He could easily repair a tooth fracture either with dental veneers, dental glue, or tooth fillings. He may even suggest cap/ crown placement or a root canal, depending on the extent of the damage.
4. Gum infection

A gum infection is also called gingivitis. It can be caused by prolonged poor eating habits, excessive smoking, hormonal changes, health conditions like diabetes, cancer, etc., poor dental hygiene or even genetics. Infected gums lead to bacterial build up around the tooth roots, thus generating toothache.

Treatment-A gum infection is commonly treated with antibiotics, regular cleanings by the dentist, and usage of a medicated mouth wash. Severe gum infections can also lead to dental surgery to save the teeth.
Self-care tips

If you are unable to see a dentist immediately, these self-care tips could help you during the waiting period: 

Warm salt water rinsing of the mouth
Gentle flossing to remove food or plaque
A cold compress on the jaw/cheek
Application of clove oil to numb the gums.
However, the key to any kind of tooth pain is early treatment from a dentist. Procrastination would only worsen the situation. Regular dentist visits at any reputed private dentist near me can help prevent serious teeth troubles before they cause pain. 
The Mindful Dentist

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