The Most Frequent Causes Of Tooth Pain

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A toothache can be incredibly painful and can make you or a loved one miserable. While it may seem like a small problem, it can really interfere with daily life, and if you’re dealing with regular tooth pain, you definitely want to find out the cause. Knowing the reason for your toothache will help you figure out how to fix the problem.

Tooth pain is generally caused by a tooth nerve that has become irritated or damaged. General dentistry in Houston, TX, can help you address the source of the irritation and prevent tooth pain in the future.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

One of the biggest causes for tooth and mouth pain is tooth decay, usually in the form of cavities. Cavities happen when the bacteria in your mouth turns to acids and plaque that begins to destroy the enamel of the tooth. Tooth pain caused by cavities is usually sharp and intermittent. A dentist can help you find out if you have cavities at a regular checkup.

Damaged or Broken Fillings

Damaged or cracked fillings are also a regular cause of tooth pain. Dental fillings usually cover some kind of fracture or vulnerability in the tooth. If the fillings are damaged in any way, it can expose sensitive parts of the tooth to hot foot and bacteria. This type of damage usually results is regular, piercing pain in one part of the mouth, and fixing a broken filling may require extensive dental work.

Sensitivity to Temperature

A common source of tooth pain is sensitivity to hot and cold. This type of pain is usually a dull ache or a sting when eating or drinking things that are extreme temperatures.  Enamel loss due to frequent wear and tear or tooth abrasion can make teeth even more sensitive. This can also be the result of recent, aggressive teeth whitening. You may be able to mitigate this problem without a trip to the dentist by using toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth, though a dentist could definitely present you with other options.

General dentistry in Houston, TXcan offer several helpful solutions to tooth pain, regardless of the cause. If you’re experiencing any kind of tooth pain, find a dentist near you who can help you diagnose the issue to prevent worsening symptoms. Toothaches can lead to additional problems and bigger dental issues, including abscesses and infections, so you want to tackle any tooth or mouth pain head on.  

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