Cat health: how to choose your vet

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Veterinarian at home or in the office, specialist or emergency doctor ... Who and when to consult? Mini-guide to navigate among practitioners of cat medicine.

Veterinarian in an office or clinic: the equivalent of a general practitioner

A lots of veterinarians registered with the National Order of Veterinarians, more than half of them look after dogs and cats. The general veterinarian is a bit like the cat's doctor! Located near you, he practices in an office or clinic.

Veterinarian at home: the comfort formula for the cat and his master

A phone call and the vet comes home with all his medical equipment! Time saving solution for the master and ant stress for the cat who hates the movements and the presence of foreign animals.

Emergency Veterinarian

If an accident occurs at night or on Sunday, contact an emergency service.

Most. The speed of intervention and the possibility of choosing a solution on a case-by-case basis: veterinarian on call near home, at home or at the Veterinary Hospital Center.

The least. The price (to count a minimum of 80 euros the consultation without medical act).

Where to find it? Via your attending veterinarian (given the contact details of the day care service in his absence) and most home veterinarians. All veterinary hospitals also have a 24-hour emergency service.

Veterinary specialist: for difficult cases and delicate operations

When a cat suffers from a health problem that no longer belongs to the general veterinarian (cataract, cardiac pathology, neurological ...), we can consult a specialist. Veterinary dermatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, medical imaging ... among the 15 veterinary specialties recognized, 11 concern cats.

Behavioral veterinarian: the psychological solution for disturbed cat

The solution when a cat does not have the morale? Consult a behaviorist veterinarian (recognized by the National Order of Veterinarians), who treats behavioral disorders often related to stress or anxiety (pee everywhere, loss of hair, depression ...).

Veterinary soft medicine: complementary or alternative care

It is a general veterinarian trained in alternative medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, osteopathy ...), whose specialty is not recognized by the National Order of Veterinarians. But care supplements those of traditional veterinary medicine and may be indicated to strengthen the immune system, facilitate healing and/or relieve pain (osteoarthritis, muscle pain ...). To know more tips follow

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