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Canon printer problems that occur after the Canon printer prints blank pages can result in low ink levels or a serious problem. Low ink levels can be one of the main reasons for this issue. Low ink level of printer model is one of the main reasons for printing. The printheads may be clogged or the ink level may be low, which may cause ink to leak.

Check Printhead

Dried ink can cause printheads to become stuck and prevent new ink from passing through. The print head may become clogged if the printer has not been used for a long time. Use the printer regularly to keep ink from clogging and to keep ink flowing properly.


Ink may not come out on the first print if the ink does not flow through the printer properly. It may also be possible that the ink has dried on the printer.


Check Ink Cartridge

There may also be a problem when the yellow tape has been removed from the ink cartridges that you have inserted into the printer. In this case, you will need to replace the ink and cartridge soon to get the printer to print again. Take a new cartridge home or to the office, because sometimes the old cartridge dries out and the printer is low on ink and prints blank pages. Meanwhile, the issue of blank page printing on a Canon printer becomes serious when new cartridges are installed in the printer.


There are a number of reasons why a Canon printer prints blank pages, mainly printer hardware errors, low ink levels, errors in the current printing program, or empty space blockage in the cartridge. There can be many reasons why a printer won't print even though it has full ink cartridges loaded. There can be various reasons why the printer may leave black lines.


The cartridges installed in the printer may be moved or may be leaking. The problem may be that you are using a device other than the printer for printing.


You may also experience a blank print issue if you are using an outdated printer driver on your device. If you are using an outdated local printer driver, you may experience issues with white paper. To fix them, you can update and install new drivers for your printer model.


Restart Printer

If you are facing "blank page printing" issue with your Canon printer model, you can try this method to get rid of the situation. If a problem with printing blank pages on a Canon printer is interfering with the smooth operation of the printer, try restarting the printer. After thoroughly cleaning the device's print head, you can run a few tests to see if the print was successful or is still in progress. After the process is complete, you need to restart your computer and then try a test print to check if the printer started printing the document correctly or not.


Install ink Cartridge

Installing all the cartridges will complete the electrical circuit and the printer will work properly. Next, separate the old cartridge from the printer 3. You will then need a soft cloth to clean the printer 4. You did not remove the protective sheet from the cartridge you just installed in the printer. When installing an ink cartridge, be sure to completely remove the plastic packaging so that the printer can operate without interruption, performing the required tasks.


In case of installation of cartridges with a ventilating tape; this will prevent ink from draining from the cartridge while the print command is being given. The vent tape needs to be removed quickly as it creates an obstruction for the ink to prevent a vacuum from being created in the cartridge, which ultimately prevents the print from being printed on the paper. The use must be removed immediately so that no vacuum is created in the printer cartridges.


When used in cartridges, a vacuum is created that restricts ink supply and printing, resulting in blank printed pages. If the cartridges are not used, they may become clogged, resulting in blank prints. Blank web pages usually print when the cartridge is out of ink or because the vacuum inside the cartridge is blocked.


Basically, printer hardware errors are responsible for printing. You may encounter this annoying situation due to some minor internal printer errors. Printer-related issues can bother you to the core; especially when you need to make some critical prints. If you do not use a Canon printer model for a long period of time, it is very likely that the Canon printer ink will dry out and clog the print head cartridges.


The blank print problem usually occurs when the Canon Inc printer has not been used for a long time. Printing is most common on Canon MG and Canon MX series devices. Your printer may be standing on an uneven surface because it will not work in that position. Replacing ink when needed can be a great solution for printing. 

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