Can Mineral Water Replace Regular Tap Water?

by Suresh Kumar Business Analyst

Drinking tap water is quite common in cities. Tap water generally comes from the groundwater or is supplied to homes after treatment from a river source. The taste or smell of tap water may not indicate it is unsafe. But, contaminants are not uncommon in tap water. 

Underground water is polluted because of the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers. Rivers are also polluted with industrial effluents. Water treatment plants may not be so effective in decontaminating the water. Running water can have contaminants like lead or arsenic if you live in and around an industrial area. Tap water gets contaminated with lead because of lead pipes. 

All these impurities and microbes can lead to illnesses. Unsafe water can cause illnesses like cholera, dysentery, or Escherichia Coli. Symptoms of these include diarrhoea, vomiting, or fever. Lead is an impurity that can cause brain damage and learning problems. Arsenic in water can cause skin problems, and it is even carcinogenic.

Water that is supplied to homes can be purified using filtration, boiling, or even reverse osmosis. But all these are not guaranteed ways of removing all the contaminants and impurities that cause waterborne illnesses. So, impurities and microorganisms can make their way even in purified tap water. A healthy option is using mineral water from any one of the mineral water brands in India, which will not only keep you hydrated but also reduce the chances of any waterborne disease. Also, mineral water tastes better than boiled or filtered water.  

There are a lot of benefits that mineral water can provide. Raw water has to go through many processes before it is bottled for consumption. Mineral brands in India use double ozonization. Ozone is highly effective in killing the microbes and bacteria found in untreated water. There are other processes that water has to go through. RO process is used to remove all impurities that may be dissolved in the water. The most important process is mineralization. Magnesium and potassium are added to water. 

Mineral brands in India conduct stringent quality tests to ensure that each mineral bottle is sold conforms to the highest standards. To ensure that every bottle manufactured meets the same standards, the practice followed in all the bottling plants is uniform. All the parameters like alkalinity and total dissolved solids are checked during testing before it is supplied.

While keeping you hydrated, mineral water improves your immune system as minerals are infused into it.  It removes the toxins that may cause you to fall sick. It is a well-known fact that skin can be nourished by drinking a lot of water. Drinking mineral water will prevent skin problems like acne and pimple. You can keep your hair shiny if you consume mineral water.

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