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Buy Lord Nagarjuna Sculpture, The Saint That Emerged From The Serpent Kingdom

Legend has it that upon the renunciation of a great Brahmin-born Buddhist yogi, an invitation came for Him from the serpent-kingdom (naga-rajya) that is said to exist on the ocean bed. It is there that the great Prajnaparamita Sootras were revealed to Him. He returned to the world with that knowledge, upon which He came to be known as Nagarjuna (‘arjuna’ conveys ‘nobility’). Hence, the snake with a multitude of serpents is an integral aspect of the iconography of this Buddhist saint.

Shakyamuni Buddha Statues
Shakyamuni Buddha Statues 

Lord Nagarjuna is held second only to the Shakyamuni Buddha, which explains His form as captured in this composition. He is seated in a rudimental bhadrasana, His hands in the dharmachakra mudra. This mudra conveys the quintessential Indian philosophy of the existential vyooha (cycle). From the drape of His robe to the tresses coiled atop His head and the kundalas tugging down at His earlobes, Nagarjuna is the very image of enlightenment. In keeping with the norms of the Nepalese sculptural tradition, the subject is seated on a lotus pedestal. The petals are turned downward, as if drooping from the weight of wisdom-dew. In fact, it is profound wisdom (vivekakhyatiraviplava) that pours forth from His countenance. It is a composure of invincible calm and untramelled bliss. It is a fine example of the region’s devotional handiwork, especially in a select medium such as copper.

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