Busting Some Myths Regarding Lawn Care and Maintenance

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Getting a lawn prepared and turf laid are the two easiest steps in terms of having a lawn in the property. The tougher task is its care and maintenance, once the turf has been laid from the scratch. This is where mostly property owners fail and as a result, all the money, efforts, time, etc. would go in vain. They fail to realise the importance of maintenance or even if they are aware, they fail to do so because of personal reasons like lack of time and so on. 

One more problem arises according to the vendors of turf supplies Sydney and this problem is – having myths in mind regarding the turf care and maintenance. These myths force them to go in the right direction and again the result is same. In this article, we have found out some common myths related to turf and lawn maintenance and busted them. So let us start with the first one, i.e. regarding collection grass clippings.

Collect your grass clippings?

Some people have a thought in mind that leaving these grass clippings will give birth to thatching, but the fact is that these clippings biodegrade really quickly. They are mainly made up of water with 80-85 percent water and one the break down; they form a really useful layer for the lawn. According to the vendors of Sydney turf supplies, these clippings are full of nutrients and can be a really wonderful natural fertiliser with nutrients present in abundance. These clippings are found to have all the necessary nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous that helps in enhancing the robustness and growth of the lawn. 

Strict Mowing Pattern-

Mowing is certainly an important step as far as lawn maintenance is concerned, irrespective of which variety of turf is installed. But there is no rule as such of staying really strict regarding the mowing pattern, because this will create a memory and your blades will hit the same spot, every time you mow. This is not a good thing for the turf and hence, it is advised to mow in the alternate directions and change your patterns frequently. This step will ensure that the lawn is evenly mowed and there is lesser compaction that results into a better looking lawn.

Don’t Leave Leaves On Your Lawn!

According to the vendors of Sydney turf supplies, there is no doubt that a heavy or thick layer certainly looks ugly and should be removed. But if the fall is a moderate to low, you can mulch the leaves back in the soil and allow them to degrade to provide rich nutrients to the turf. However, for this, shredding the leaves as you mow the lawn is all you need to do.

Overwatering Your Lawn-

Water related requirements are not that high, if the lawn is taken care of in a prescribed manner at the right time. In this regards, experts say that whatever watering is done, it should be done with a thought of deep watering and not the thought of "More is Better". Remember, excessive or more frequent watering can result into short roots, fungus, and a high bill from your water company. The simple solution to this is to continue sticking to a regime and let the turf develop a deep root system, which is always beneficial for bred of turf.

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